Gifted youngster with a promising future


By : Jesirel M. Rivera

In class I had the opportunity to interview Ernie Rivera Ramos. Ernie comes from Aibonito, Puerto Rico. He was born on September 28, 1990. He is studying computer engineering because he is attracted to technology and computers. If he couldn’t study computer engineering, he wouldstudy music because he thinks that he has the necessary talent to get far in the music scene.

This talented 18-year- old knows how to play the “cuatro puertorriqueno” , the saxophone, vibraphone and the metal flute. He prefers the  “cuatro puertorriqueno” and his favorite player is the famous character   Pedro Guzmán , “I really want to get as far  in history as him in the  ‘cuatro puertorriqueno’   because I really believe that he is the best  “cuatrista” of the world and in  history , and I really want to complement my career with  music . Ernie started in  music at the age of 5 because his father was a musician and motivated him to follow his steps . Over the years Ernie developed his skills in  music .

Ernie is a  very sociable and intelligent person  who wants to contribute to our society in Puerto Rico designing new technologies to improve our quality of life .I asked to Ernie  that if he had the opportunity to travel in time , where  he would   go and why .But  Ernie  doesn’t want to go back ;he wants to travel to  the future , here in Puerto Rico, to see how technology  and  human life are  .

One Ernie’s dreams is to fly a jet.  He’s a very energetic person; he plays soccer, ping pong, basketball and other sports.  Ernie Rivera Ramos   is a very versatile person  and has many prospects for his journey to the future.


A Leader in the Making

A Leader in the Making

By: Sylvia  L. Rivera Ferreira


     Augusto Feliciano has always been conscious of the environment and of social problems in his “Island,” Puerto Rico.  He is a great example of trying to make a change for the greater good of tomorrow. There’s no measure to his devotion towards Puerto Rico. If he had a million dollars, he said, he would buy unused territory from the government and donate it to agronomers for farming.

      Augusto is from “La Ciudad del Grito,” Lares. He began his studies at UPR – Aguadilla, informally known as CORA. Then, he transferred to UPR – Mayagüez (Colegio), where he changed his major to Chemistry. Here Augusto realized that in the Chemistry Department he could do a lot more for nature a in Biology. For example, he could minimize the use of harmful ingredients in the environment by identifying the best quality of water and soil and understanding the best way to use the components in them.

       Having spent seven years in college, has resulted in good experiences for Augusto. However, he has also had bad experiences such as administrative problems transferring from CORA to the Colegio. Making friends at the Colegio was initially a little difficult for the fact that CORA is a small university where everyone knows each other even though you were in different majors. However, as time passed, he made friends in the Colegio, who shared his goals such as defending the rights of university students and stimulating others to do the same. 

     Augusto and his friends from Mayagüez established NUPA (Nación Unida Pro Ambiente) in Colegio. Its goals are to raise consciousness about environmental protection future generations, to clean the coast, lines to use and using federal funds to recycle fish lines and restore of dunes in Isabela.

Getting to know Diana

By: Karilis La Luz

Diana Acevedo is a native of the western part of Puerto Rico. At the early age of 18 she has set the goal of obtaining two bachelors degrees. Diana, who is from Añasco, was born on the 18th of December, 1990. She is currently completing a bachelor’s degree in the field of marketing at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez, and wishes to expand into the area of accounting. Diana has established her academic goals so that she can contribute to society by helping those in need.

Acquiring knowledge in the field of marketing will provide Diana with the tools to create an effective communication strategy to connect with those whom she wishes to assist.

When she is not studying, she dedicates time to some of her hobbies, like playing X-Box, going to the beach, listening to music or watching comedies. And like many other girls she likes spending time shopping at the mall.

Diana comes from a family of six; she has two younger brothers and one older sister. They normally call her by one of her nicknames, Dianita or Nanita. “ My family is the most important people in my life,” she said. She sometimes can be shy, but she is friendly and a good person, and she likes people to know that they can count on her. She considers herself as a unique person, and that is a good quality that people should have.

Diana’s basis are the values that she has obtained from her upbringing. Diana has always felt a sense of attachment to areas that involve social injustices, when people are classified by the wealth they posses and not by the values they have.

“In the future I see myself as a professional and dedicated to my family,” she said. She wishes to keep acquiring knowledge so she can be a professional someday and to evolve in what she is studying.

Ashlyann, in the chase of a Twister

By: Lady Arce

She's is an amateur meteorologist expecting to experience  the complete formation of a tornado.

Ashlyann is an amateur meteorologist expecting to experience the complete formation of a tornado.

Ashlyann Arana Morales, better known as Ashly, is an 18 year old girl who lives in Arecibo, PR.  She describes herself as an honest and loyal friend.  These values and principles were given to her by her mother, Evelyn Morales, who has become her role model.  She said: “My mother has overcome every obstacle on her way. When she was 47 years old, she fought against breast cancer, and today -4 years later- she’s ok, and she keeps moving forward.”

During her free time she enjoys dancing, talking on telephone and learning about weather.  Since she was 13, this amateur meteorologist didn’t miss an episode of Storm Stories aired on the Weather Channel.  Mrs. Morales saw her daughter’s great enthusiasm towards these TV documentaries.  Thus, she advised her daughter to study Meteorology.

Nevertheless, Ashly’s principal motivation for choosing Meteorology as her major was witnessing a tornado.  She recalled: “six years ago, I was with my family and a friend on my summer vacations, in Orlando, Fla.  There, we witnessed the formation of a tornado.  First, there was such silence that we wouldn’t hear a pin drop.  Then, the sky darkened, the winds blew faster than before, and out of the sky started a tornado forming. Unfortunately for me, I never got to see a real tornado, however I was very thrilled.”  That incident encouraged her to attend a Meteorology Summer Camp given at the Colegio, last summer.  There, the young student attended workshops given by Univision’s Chief in Meteorology, Ada Monzón and other meteorologists from the National Weather Service.

Currently, she’s a sophomore student at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, majoring in Geology.  After completing of her bachelor’s degree Ashly plans to study a Master’s in Meteorology.  She hopes to become broadcast meteorologist.  If she would have the opportunity of studying another major, she would choose Marine Sciences, because of her passion for sea life.  Something this college student expects to experience in a future is the complete formation of a tornado reaching land.


By: Katia Y. Lasanta

On our Thursday class in the afternoon, I got the chance to interview one of my classmates. My interviewee is a Puerto Rican college student from Canovanas named Gustavo Javier Vera, who is a sophomore plastics art major here at “Colegio”.

Gustavo is very passionate when it comes to his art, he has been developing his inner artist ever since he was in the third grade and he started like most of us… drawing stick persons! At that time he would be scolded because he would draw anywhere. But now his parents are very proud of him for getting into college and even more proud that it’s the UPRM.

He has really good memories of his drawing class in the “Colegio”, it was during his first semester and it was the only class he was happy to go to in which he could relax. No “stupid assignments, no nothing” he recalls. Naturally, as an art major, Gustavo recents that some students from other majors take art courses because there was nothing else and show no interest in these courses.

Gustavo is more of a graffiti artist, a revolutionary art form that has been previously attacked in P.R for being considered vandalism. “If the graffiti expresses a feeling, then it is not really vandalism, if the government bans it people will keep doing it, they have a right to express themselves” contended Gustavo. Through his art he channels all of his feelings and it is how he manages any problem that comes his way. Even in anger he grabs his drawing book, and draws along until he is calm. “For me any artist has to have a motivation… an idea, a feeling” answered Gustavo. The hardest thing for him to give up is studying, drawing and expressing his feelings.

Also, his favorite movement is the Renaissance because it was a time that gave birth to countless and talented artists including Leonardo Da Vinci, Gustavo’s most admired artist, because of the difference and uniqueness in his art. But as much as he admires this artist, he wouldn’t be anybody else but himself! “Maybe my life is easier than theirs” he said thoughtfully. Gustavo would like to keep inspiring people by showing him his drawings and demonstrating that art is something that you can use to express yourself and show who you really are.

On the Outside Looking In



By: Juan C. González

Cristina María Barrios González hails from the busy and fast moving city of San Juan. She’s part of a great and supporting family who taught her to reflect on rights and wrongs. If she was dying, or leaving, and she could only make one last phone call, she says “I would call my mother, to thank her for everything she’s done for me.”

She studies marketing at the University of Puerto Rico. There is not one specific reason why she chose this degree, but she has learned to love what she does, and she hopes to someday be able to “go to a third world country, where the population is poor, and help people.” Cristina believes education is important and that it all comes down to the students deciding what they will do with their lives. Right now getting a master’s degree is her priority.

She is a straightforward person, and if she had to give a piece of advice it would be that “decisions need to be solid, and it is important to be aware of the consequences. You must be confident about your actions and never regret them”.

She enjoys silence and solitude; in those moments she reflects on what she did during the day, and thinks about what could have been better and what fulfilled her. Last year both her grandmothers died, and she found herself analyzing her life and meditating on what it is that’s really important. After all, she’s just a human being, and she’s bound to fear the unknown; but she prays a lot, and this helps her to get rid of any fears.

Cristina likes to be around people; sometime ago she worked at a summer camp for kids ages six through seven, an experience that helped her to develop patience. Patience is very important as you deal with society; a society in which, if she could, she “would change egotistical attitudes, and that human urge to compete and want to be better than anybody else”.

When asked what she would like to give as a last gift, she said it would be a letter, so that her written sentiments and thoughts could last as long as the paper they were written on. Not a passing gift, but one that would last forever.

Miguel Angel and His Perspective About Fortuño’s Law Proposal Limiting Selling Hours of Alcoholic Beverages


                             4606_79477218494_507728494_1880038_4333203_n                                               By: Marilyn Soto Cebollero

             Luis Fortuño proposed a new law on August 26, 2009, which stipulates that from Monday to Thursday businesses have to stop selling alcoholic beverages after midnight; on weekends they must do so after 2:00 a.m. After this time people will only be able to consume alcoholic beverages in hotels and any accommodations certified by the Tourism Company.

            When asked about the controversial governor’s proposal, the young college student, Miguel ángel Alén Arias thinks that in Puerto Rico rising crimes, car accidents and deaths caused by drunk drivers are issues that have become customary. As an 18-year-old college student majoring in Electric Engineering, Miguel thinks that this law will not be the solution to the problem. He thinks that people will continue to get drunk at home, the same way as they would do in the streets; and drunk drivers will be out there anyways. “Crime may drop a little but you will not see the expected change. The consequences will be worse than the benefits,” he argued.

            Alén Arias, who is from of San Juan, tells us that if he were the governor of Puerto Rico, he would begin strengthening education because in school and at home is where problems begin. “Before taking such measures they should focus on more basic things like education,” said Alén Arias.  This single man, who loves to take naps when he has free time, argues that if this law is approved it would affect the economy of small, medium and large businesses since they make most of their profit by selling alcoholic beverages.  Obviously, this will also affect the revenues of larger distribution corporations and will translate in a reduction of their staff.El Garabato

            As a young adult, Miguel Ángel enjoys going out with friends. He is confident that the younger population will argue against this law and will find ways to continue drinking illegally in their homes and go out drunk to the streets. As a sociable who loves all kinds of music but focuses on his studies, Miguel Ángel believes that this law will affect him somehow since he, as most teenagers, hangs out at those hours. He does not want the law to be approved; however, he understands that if it does, there are other ways to have fun.


Knowledge defines our inner self


By: Ángel Fuentes Cosme

Her name is Karla M. Rivera De Jesus and she is a native of Comerío, in the center of Puerto Rico. She is eighteen years old, and is in the process of getting her bachelor’s degree in Political Science at el Colegio. In her free time she enjoys reading books, swimming and talking with her family and friends through her cell phone.

Karla knows important events that occur in our country. For example Karla’s opinion about Puerto Rico’s economic problems is that the government isn’t using the funds in good ways to generate economic growth. She is also concerned about the problem of corruption in the central administration. She isn’t a fanatic of any ideals and is only convinced with the truth.

Regarding other social problem like crime, she wasn’t sure if the Governor’s idea of ending alcohol sales at an earlier time would do any better to our society. She expressed that “the alcohol isn’t the problem and that amendment to the law wouldn’t do any better”. This opinion shows that Karla isn’t scared to show her believes and isn’t scared of what people are going to think.

The discharge of thousands of government employees is another issue that we discussed. In this topic she said “that we have to do what we have to do”. Her direct expression let’s us know that she can be a leader who can make decisions and isn’t afraid of the consequences, even though those consequences might affect her image.

Karla is very connected with her Puerto Ricans roots. She believes that the integration of other cultures in our country in the media isn’t affecting our culture but is expanding it to other frontiers and is making it very diversified in good ways.

Karla is a confident person without being arrogant to anyone, she is very pacific and with a lot of knowledge that can help us see things in different perspectives. She is a happy person who wants to be remembered as a leader and not a follower.

Katia and Her Music

By: Gustavo Vera Pérez

Katia Yamil Lasanta Pagán is a young college student who comes from Levittown, Puerto Rico, where she has lived all her life with her parents and6213_1093954997518_1485840081_267191_657356_n grandparents. Through the years she has developed many passions, but out of all her passions she prefers science, music and writing. At first, when thinking about college, she did not know what to choose to dedicate her life to, but at the end she decided to go with science. She studies chemical engineering at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez and is now on her second year. She does not regret her choice because it is something she enjoys studying and also granted her the opportunity to do research in the chemistry department in her first year. Music was not the right choice since “I wasn’t prepared for it”, said Katia.

Music for Lasanta is an “universal and transcendental way of communication of feelings, social problems, etc…” Lasanta started playing the violin, and three years ago. It is her favorite instrument because it helps her feel different and relaxed. Even though music is one of her many passions, she is “not a big fan” of the reggeatón genre because “It’s not something I enjoy listening to.” said Katia. For her the music of reggeaton influences strange behavior on people. Some of the songs are good, but the majority gives out negative messages to the listeners.

Her favorite genres are classical music –“for its greatness”–, rock and roll, heavy metal, jazz and 80’s rock. Maybe she likes these genres more  because of their smooth sounds and  great compositions. A stark contrast from reggeatón, which repeats the same message in all the songs.

Lasanta thinks that if we are not interested in music, we should be because music is a global language that can also identify a person’s personality. She believes that music can describe our feelings and emotions through its melody.