The other side of being skinny

Anorexic Women

by: Pamela Santos

A thin person, protruding bones, white skin where the veins have sprouted, waste energy, losing hair, that is the case of a 19 years old Franshesca Torres. A person with low self-esteem, unhappy with her physical appearance, thinking that is fat. “When I looked at the mirror without seeing my ribs I rapidly thought that I was fat. At night I could not sleep, I kept thinking of the calories consumed and how many exercises needed for me to eliminate.”  She is one of many women going through with the problem of anorexia.

According to El Universal of Mexico City, between five and 10% of anorexia sufferers in the world die from severe electrolyte abnormalities, infections, gastrointestinal complications and extreme malnutrition, in addition to suicide. Anorexia and bulimia is attacking mainly young people who fall into the social discontent. Many women recently entered the high school or college, and one day decides to stop eating because they are unhappy with their body. Two of every 10 college students have a high risk of developing anorexia or bulimia, according to a study by members of the Faculty of Psychology at the “Universidad Autónoma de Madrid” (Autonomous University of Madrid).

For people, especially women are dissatisfied with their weight and figure. The constant pressure leads to believe that “skinny” means to be beautiful, successful or happy, while “fat” can mean “unattractive”. Also people get more tips on what kind of food is properly healthy to use and how our figure is supposed to be seen. Women are becoming more aware of their appearance and conscious of what they eat. However, an eating disorder sufferer realizes that her life begins to revolve around food, planning what is going to eat, vomiting or avoid eating. They become obsessed with counting calories constantly, endless visits to the gym and the excessive use of laxatives among others.

By stopping eating can cause further damage to the body because the brain tends to get used to the behavior acquired during that period and physically deteriorate faster. Eating disorders also affect men. This often occurs through the practice of a sport that requires a specific weight. For example, boxing to be satisfied with the weight established in accordance with its category.

The most common disorders of eating behavior are: bulimia and anorexia. Anorexia occurs when a person decides to skip meals to lose weight and “look good”. Bulimia is involved with what the person thinks of himself and afraid of becoming fat. In both diseases the person always looks fat, even when their weight is normal. However, bulimics overeat and then vomit.

Two years ago, Beatriz Ramos suffered from bulimia and made these declarations “I bought clothes a size bigger to feel skinny. When I was hungry, ate and went to the bathroom to quickly induce vomiting. I had to gain weight, but the fear of getting fat would make me think no one would like me.”

The reasons or factors that may cause one of these eating disorders may be the fear of ridicule, complex, depression and the practice of starting with diets that may later become an obsession. Some effects of eating disorders are losing menstruation at an early age (women), and sterility in men. They may feel weak and with little resistance to keep pace with our daily activities. These people may become depressed, irritable and others constantly changing mood.

Sometimes perfectionism, fear of failure, fear of ridicule, they’ll say, cleanliness and disease lead to very intelligent young people at the beginning of these processes. According to Geo Health, “The solution to this problem is usually a pharmacological care treatment like Prozac and other antidepressants and anxiolytics. But we must rely on psychotherapy because they are people who must learn to regain lost self-esteem and fear of failure.”

Skinny Young Artists

These disorders have also targeted famous girls due to the constant pressure of living under the public’s eye. Some of these public figures are Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Mary Kate Olsen who admitted in the media who had anorexia and was in a rehabilitation center.

The first step in tackling the problem is to get professional help. Family and friends can contribute significantly in the recovery process. Give the patient confidence and enthusiasm to find their own values, ideals, and support throughout the process of improvement.

With the alarming increase in eating disorders in our population must be involved in changing the concepts related to the weight. Changing the stereotype that look good is to be “skinny” because many people are affected and that is the most important cause of eating disorders. It also requires more attention to people with these diseases because it is a major cause of young deaths. Combating these eating disorders is not impossible, is an acquired disorder of birth and a condition that you acquire over time. Is important to educate the society to be comfort with their body and use other methods of reducing weight, convincing that avoiding meals or vomiting is not the correct solution.



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