A Day With Nazzi

By: Dane P. Font Beauchamp

José “Nazzi” Nazario is an interesting fellow to say the very least.  How many 19 to 20 year olds do you know that enjoy opera music, and not just any opera music but “epic” opera music?  He is clearly a hands on type of fellow.  He lives life to its fullest, and is confident of his abilities to make the most out of it. The most embarrassing moment in his life was getting denied a goodbye kiss from a girl he had just met at a social gathering because of her fear of the swine flu.  While some people may have felt embarrassed and defeated to be placed in such an awkward social situation, Nazzi just laughed it off and continued with his day unfazed and with a lesson learned: never attempt to give goodbye kisses to women unless you already know them.

Nazzi can be compared to a modern day James Bond; he loves tinkering with “knick knacks” and any sort of highly technological gadget.  Whether it be playing on his Play station 3 or browsing the web on his computer. He also knows a thing or two on how to “appreciate” the beauty of a fine looking young lady.  But alas young José is not perfect, he too gets bothered and irritated by everyday occurrences.  Some examples of these are: consistent loud noises (like alarms), getting poked constantly, watching people eat after he just ate himself (apparently this makes him a little uneasy).

It’s really hard finding a genuine and interesting person these days.  Most people create a façade of what seems to be the socially acceptable way to think or behave around others, completely disregarding their own personal opinions and beliefs.  Not once did I get this feeling when speaking to Nazzi.  The way he carries himself and his honesty while answering my questions is proof of this.  It is a great to know that there are still good people willing to be themselves and not what you want them to be and José Nazario is one of them.

Mr. Nazzi himself


Confronting the Giants

By: Valery Pagán Sostre

Ileska in Buyé Beach, Cabo Rojo

How important are models in our life? How can they change our ways of thinking? And how can they change our future? Most people think that this doesn’t have to do with our growing up, but it does. A good example of this is the 19 year-old, Ileska M. Hernandez from Carolina, who completed her high school studies in San Juan in the “Centro de Instrucción y Educación Moderna”. She has always been “daddy’s girl”, to the point that since she was 8 years old her greatest desire was to study in the same institution her father and brother studied at, the “Colegio de Mayagüez”. She was always following her father doing the same things he did, she wanted to be like him. When Ileska realized that she needed to take the most important decision in her life, about her future, everything changed. She needed to decide what was best for her career, to stay in Puerto Rico o go to the United States and pursuit her dream.

Example of a garden that students of horticulture make

A veterinarian helping a dog

Ileska decided to come to Mayagüez and start a major in horticulture in sciences of agriculture, but she loves animals too. We can see her devotion and love to these beautiful creatures when she said very excited:  “I always wanted to be a veterinarian!”. She is a very strong and sincere woman, who recognizes that the only struggle that she has been through is

that she is going to be a mother for the first time soon. In the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez Campus (UPRM), is unusual to see students being moms at the same time, but not only that I harder because as we know, studies in the UPRM are not easy. Ileska doesn’t see this like an obstacle to achieve her dreams, instead, she sees this like a test she needs to pass in order to prove herself that she is brave enough to get what she wants.

To continue her studies in Veterinary School, as she always wanted, she had to take certain classes that are not directed to horticulture, because in the “Colegio” there are no classes for that major. When she finishes her bachelor’s degree, she can continue studying in the United States and fulfill her dream. Her future plans are to graduate from Veterinarian School in one of the most renowned universities in the United States and make her family and loves ones proud. Then when she finally becomes a veterinarian, in a future not too distant, she could be an animal keeper of a zoo. This is an example of the giants we have to fight to get our dreams. And you, what are your giants?

Zoo keeper with Koala