Millionaire University

By: José López

The reduction of 30% of the courses, a $800 fee and the enrollment credits higher every year. Will the students hold?? What will students with no scholarship do to pay their studies??  The new $800 stabilization fee will really help the University and guarantee the students will have a better institution?? Are the professors and administration supporting cuts in the bonuses and low salaries? Where is all the money the UPR receives?? What is the priority of the Administration?

“…rechazo  la imposición de la injusta cuota de 800 dólares. Nuestros bolsillos no pueden ser garantía para los bonistas. ¡La educación es un derecho, no un privilegio!” Colegiales en Acción.

Students are fighting on all the campuses just for one reason, to be heard. Their new way of thinking is revolutionizing the university. The administration just wants to stay how they are but trying to get as much money as they can. What are this people thinking that they are working with stupid people?

On November 2010 the economists Jose Alameda provide a solution for the $800 fee, the $35 million that were designated for scholarships go directly to the UPR and the other $5 million necessary to pay the BGF (Banco Gubernamental de Fomento) were provided from a fee that will not pass the $100 per student yearly. “These things are not like that, that I tell the BGF now we are going to do it this way” reply the President of the Board of Trustees to Alameda.

If professionals propose solutions, if students propose solutions why do they are so afraid to get to the dialogue, why do the refuse all the alternatives. Are they playing their own game? “The rich get richer, the poor gets poor”

For the students that they don’t have any scholarship the new semester (January 2011) will be a hard one to pay.  The University will lose thousands of students. This is the public university of Puerto Rico, why the students are paying so much money; does the government have conscience of that? The government is supposed to protect the students and try to make a better university for all. This is going to be a system of rich people that have the money and of poor students that have scholarships. The middle class is the one that will suffer because they don’t qualify for the Pell Grant they don’t qualify for any scholarship and they have to work and make their fathers pay their courses.

Student speaks, if they are not heard they will make all possible things to be heard. Las year on April 2010 the students decide to freeze the University system by making a strike simultaneously on all the campuses. They have never thought how powerful they are. If they don’t like something they will fight until they get it. This spirit and force is what is making De la Torre shake and that is why the administration have create fake news and problems to separate the students.

“If I have to pay the $800 fee plus the enrollment, I am out of the UPR system…” Luis Rosario, UPRM Student.

The Professors and administration of the universities are also fighting. They have now lower salaries, no bonus and fewer benefits. How does this affect the students? This people come to work every day some are from Puerto Rico, other from the outside and they have moved here just to teach the students their experience and knowledge. This entire problem that the system is having now is not motivating the students and the faculty. Students are dropping from classes and professors just come here to make their work fast so they can go to his other job.

This are the future professionals and as some of their fathers battle on the strike on 1981, there are now fighting for the future of the university to be a better place now and for the upcoming generations.  They will not stay calm until the system is write, they will not sleep until they heard them they are the smartest students and no matter what they will never surrender and they will always fight for the benefit of all.

“We will fight for our rights and for what is ours no matter what” Yanice Perez, UPRM StudenT


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