Let’s make a mix, let’s bring them the best of all childhoods

By: Lyanne Acevedo

“I would like to return to our childhood times.  Those times of playing and run with no preoccupation”. That was my tough when I bought a bag of cheetos with a surprise string, like in my childhood times. But that tough change when I looked at the string and saw that the surprise was a code that we need to send by phone and maybe win money. Then my tough was: Wao how much the time change the life style, I remembered when the cheetos bag had “tazos” and every child was excited of open the bag to find their surprise”. Then I start thinking about the childhood, how had evolved with time, the importance of the childhood in the rest of our lives and what is a healthy childhood?

One of the most important aspects in the childhood time is the game. Deeply absorbing game is essential for mental growth. “Children that can sustain an intense game are closer to the probability of achieving success when grown” is one of the ideas of the games that was published in a website. But how the game changed since the 70’s? And how these change the benefits of the game?

The 70’s games- In this year the games were very creative. Most of the games do not require that you bought a game. The played games such as : hiding place, a family game in what they represent a family and made house with things found in the  area such as plants, trees and cans, they built a toy that they named the donkey with a trunk, cars made with cans, the chair and careers. Other way of play in the 60’s was just improvement they jump  into rivers, play sports in the rain or just in the land or just get wet with the rain. There were toys too, like yoyos, tricycles, dolls and guns. “There were not many toys, but if you had money, you could buy some toys. Almost always the boys asked for guns to play of cowboys” say Javier Acevedo, who was a child in the 70’s.

Children in the 70’s playing soccer in the mud.

The 80’s games-The 80’s had so many improvements in the games. They still played games like hiding place and family. They played in the mount catching animals and chasing each other, but in these years there was so much more toys. The kids played with bicycles and skates, with dolls such as Barbies and the boys had action toys. But one of the most important events was the introduction of the technology. In this period was created the first videogame named Atari followed by the Nintendo. “I remembered myself playing Barbies that was my favorite, but when the Atari appears that was very exciting for all of us, that was totally different” say Jennie Mar Beltran, who was a child in the 80’s.These was when the kids started to spent time with games that has not need so much physical action.

Atari, the first videogame in the 80’s.

The 90’s games- In the 90’s although there were videogame the children keep playing games in the outside. They made houses in the trees, they played with dolls, with books, legos, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, they played of detectives, teachers, superstars and power rangers. But as the children play games like those, the technology keeps evolving. The kids played with control remote cars and then appear the super Nintendo that was a new version of the original Nintendo and the Sega , the Nintendo company create the Game Boy that was a portable video game, this one was followed by the Game Boy pocket and the Game boy color. With all these access to the technology the kids started to spend more and more time playing video games.”I could spend hours playing Sega” say Edgardo Montero that was a child in the 90’s.

Game Boy , the Nintendo pocket video game.

The 2000’s games-In these years there were so many toys, the kids played mostly with toys like bicycles, pools, swings, trampoline and dolls of every kinds. They used cars and their tracks, table games such as monopoly, connect four, trouble and checkers. But the technology keep growing and then appear the game boy advance, Nintendo DS, Playstation 1, 2 and 3, Xbox 360 and other variations. The technology grows so much that actually the kids replaced almost completed the physical game with video games and technology. The kids can spend 8 to 10 hours daily playing and when they get together, they bring their Nintendo DS and play. Is minimum the time they spent playing games like catch each other, or baseball, softball or any other game that requires much physical action.

Nintendo DS the last version of a portable video game.

Now we can saw the change. Since can cars and tree trunks to Nintendo DS and Playsation. The change is big, but the real question is: Is this healthy for our children? What kind of games is better?

The video games are a big industry, the games can have educational content, can promote learning and develop motor skills but they had their bad thing. Not all the games are good games; most of the games show violence, criminality, abuse and the use of bad word. These can create a problem because the children want to imitate the violence and see the violence as something normal. The kids spend so much time playing video games that this affects the social life and create the problems of communication. In the other hand are the educative games such as , intellectual games, social games, recreational games and others. This kind of game develops the coordination of movements, logic, cooperation and sense of responsibility.

That’s why we should create a balance between the two types of games. A study reveals some tips to the parents to control the video games. Some tips are: control the time the kid spent playing, select games with the appropriate content and play the game with the child to get sure that is a good game. So the game has suffered many changes with the times but with a little bit of the old games and a little bit of the new games we can create a healthy way of play to our children. Just need to get the good things of every game and they will have a healthy childhood.



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