The Importance of a Good Education

By Judith Valentín

Actually the education is the basis of each individual. An uneducated person faces a difficult life. At this time studies are the main requirement for employment. The universities offers different specialties areas inclined to the interests of each student.

Mayagüez Campus offers various specialty areas in the studies.

The University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Mayaguez Campus (UPRM) has four faculties, which are Business Administration, Engineering, Agricultural Sciences and Arts and Sciences. The careers of most demand in the Mayagüez Campus are Business Administration and Engineering.

Unfortunately, The University of Puerto Rico has been impacted by poor management. Mismanagement of funds is the cause of economic crisis facing the university.

The UPR seeks a solution to the problem of debt, an $800 fee stabilization to students in their enrollment.  The student is affected by the implementation of the fee, because it is an additional cost to the credits of courses, laboratories, maintenance, technology, and other expenses that are required each semester.

“I heard on the news that Governor Luis Fortuño will offer an alleged grant to help pay for tuition, but I think that money should be used to pay college debt,” said Sheila Ruiz, a student of 5th year of UPRM.

This problem causes a decline in new students, transfer students and causing low total in the internal of students outside the campus.

Withdrawals and transfers of students from UPRM, reduced the number of students admission.

Rene Santiago, Civil Engineering student said “failure to remove the fee this semester I will have to stop studying because I do not receive financial support from my family”.

Some students are struggling for their rights and get the education they deserve to study at public universities in Puerto Rico. This university is known for being more accessible in the payment and more focused on merit and educational skills of the student.

The increased costs and conflicts that are occurring within the UPR, some students are changed to the other universities. In Mayagüez, Pontifical Catholic University and Adventist University of the Antilles, offer courses in Business Administration same that UPRM.

Naishaly Vargas UPRM former student transferred to the Pontifical Catholic University of Mayaguez said “I change because I have college tuition flexible although I have to pay more, because private college finish my studies to time”.

Other students expressed that it is possible that poor information are provided to students requires them to think that way and seek a quick solution, no real analysis of the conflict.

The field of engineering may be the least trouble ahead, because in the western area is not available in any other university. While at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico offers courses in engineering, the UPRM always distinguished engineering.

Today is not enough finish a bachelor to get a good job. Often it is desirable to complete a doctorate and still is no guarantee of getting work.

Because students know the importance of education is the main reason for which they fight to get a free university, committed to education. That is what management requires UPR, because they know the importance and realize that many students lose interest in studying or maybe cannot afford it.

Without a quality education there is no bright future, for that reason the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) cannot disappear. Students are beginning to lose the pride of being part of the “Colegio”.

A good education provides better opportunities in the labor world.

There are other good universities, but, really for a student is more important to complete their studies in a short time or education to enable it to compete and function successfully in the workplace?

In Puerto Rico there are few job opportunities that have the young graduates. Companies become more demanding when hiring new employees without experience. There are more opportunities outside of Puerto Rico, but in order toget a good job where there is so much competition, it is extremely important to get a complete education.

Students involved in defending the rights university, do they know and are aware of the difficulties facing the country. Understand the importance of an education and to secure the future.


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