Arroyo’s Free Agent Market

Arroyo’s Free Agent Market

by: Juan Alicea

Audience: Basketball fans, basketball players, BSN, NBA, other basketball leagues and people of Puerto Rico that like Arroyo.

Personality and Investigative

Born and raised in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, Carlos Arroyo is an important basketball free agent this summer. He played basketball professionally since 1997 when “Los Cariduros de Fajardo” (a puertorican team) signed him in the “Liga de Baloncesto Superior Nacional”. The same year he won the rookie of the year in the BSN. In 1998 he changed of team to “Cangrejeros de Santurce” and he won 5 championships with that team.

Carlos Arroyo playing in the BSN for “Cangrejeros de Santurce”

Arroyo began his studies in Florida International and played basketball with the team of the university. He is all-time scorer leader in this university. When he graduated, a National Basketball Association team, Toronto Raptors signed him and then waived him. Other NBA team, Denver Nuggets signed him and then waived him again. In 2002 another NBA team, Utah Jazz signed him and played 3 years for that team playing 2 of them in the starting lineup in point guard position.

Arroyo played for the Puerto Rico National Basketball Team. In Atenas Grecia’s Olympics in 2004, Arroyo and the Puerto Rico National Team defeat 92-73 the USA Team (“the Dream Team”) for first time in the history of a USA Team using NBA’s players. Arroyo was the player of the game with 24 points, 7 assists and 4 steals. According to Entertainment and Sports Programming Network the USA Team said: “Is a dream that became a nightmare”. In the game Arroyo changed words with a USA player, later he proudly showed his uniform that said Puerto Rico.

Arroyo proudly show his uniform in the win over USA

The coach of the “Dream Team”, Larry Brown says that he wants Arroyo in his NBA’s team, the Detroit Pistons and they signed Arroyo. Arroyo played almost 2 years with the team, but arroyo wasn’t the player that Larry Brown expected and they changed Arroyo to the Orlando Magics. Arroyo played 2 years with the team and later he was a free agent again and in 2008 he decided to play in Israel for one year. He led the team to the championship and won the finals MVP (Most Valuable Player).

One year later he decided to return to the NBA and signed a non-guaranteed contract with the Miami Heat. Everybody was excited to saw Arroyo played with Dwayne Wade, the player of the USA Team that he changed words in the defeat of USA against Puerto Rico in 2004 Olympics. He played well and the team guarantees his contract and he finished playing in the starting lineup in the point guard position. Arroyo and Wade played well together and led the team to the way for a championship. The team lost in the playoffs making Arroyo a free agent again.

Carlos Arroyo and the mural made in the Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Miami Heat was given the task to sign the best free agent this past summer because they have a lot of money. The Miami Heat sign 3 of the Top 5 free agents in the NBA; Lebron James, Chris Bosh and re-sign Dwayne Wade. The Miami Heat was trying to find a point guard that that has experience and doesn’t have to expend a lot of money because they use the money to sign the key free agents. They talk with Arroyo, but he have to take the minimum salary that is less than a million of dollars. Arroyo accepted the offer and re-signed one year deal with the Miami Heat. Arroyo said “I will like to play with these guys; I didn’t care too much the money… I want to win a NBA championship and this is my opportunity”.


ESPN maganize cover... Lebron James, Carlos Arroyo and Dwayne Wade (from left to right)

At this time still not over this season and some sources ensures that Arroyo his receiving offers from many teams of different leagues to play for them at the end of the season. One of these sources is Leonel Arill, he is the coach of the “Caciques de Humacao” team in the BSN, and he also is the assistant coach of the Puerto Rico National Basketball Team. He said “We want to see Arroyo playing again in Puerto Rico that will be very exciting”. “When he left the BSN the league was good but not competitive at all, today the BSN the one of the most competitive leagues in the world and we want that Arroyo join us the make the BSN more competitive than is now”. Leonel Arill assures that he in represent of the BSN sent a letter to Arroyo. This is the letter that I sent to him.

Leonel Arill

BSN League

San Juan, Puerto Rico

December 1, 2010

Mr. Carlos Arroyo

Miami Beach, Miami USA

Dear Mr. Arroyo,

We know that this summer you are going to be a free agent. We will like that you join our league again. We will very gratify if you or your agent can meet with us to talk about a contract with any team on this league, but personally I will like you or your agent to meet me to talk about a contract with “Caciques de Humacao”. We are a very good team in our way to a championship, but we need some experience and a player who can help us to teach young players how to play the game. In that moment the name that came to my mind was: Carlos Arroyo. I really like you to joins us, and these are some stuff that we can provide to you:

–          A house for you and your family in Humacao, Puerto Rico.

–          A guaranteed contract starting at 1 and a half million

–          If you have an injury the payment is guaranteed

–          50,000 bonus if you are choose to the all-star game, 50,000 if you are chose defensive player of the year, 100,000 if you are the MVP league and 200,000 if you are the finals MVP

This are some of the benefits that we can provide you if you choose our team. Let me know if you aren’t agreeing with any of them or if we need to negotiate other stuff. I will be waiting for your response. Puerto Rico and the BSN need you again. I will hope that you choose us


Leonel Arill


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