Be creative expressing yourself

By: Valery Pagan Sostre


Students of the University of Puerto Rico protesting for their rights for public education in the most important avenue of Mayaguez. After last June’s student assembly, the students decided to jump into the streets to demonstrate their discontent for the administration’s actions.


Students escaping from the reality that stressed them like the uncertain situation of the university. Some of them did it in a really peculiar way, disguising like the circus the administration has become.


Our University

By: Gabriela Muniz

Just like a tree struggles for his nourishment, survival, but most important its development, the university prepare us for life. The university prepares us, it equips us and most important it teaches us that nothing is impossible; just by being strong, being a fighter and patient, it doesn’t matter how many obstacles or struggles we have in life, we will conquer our dream, our purpose in life.


This is not just a spray painting in a wall; this represents the feelings of more than hundreds of students in the UPR today. “Lucha”, Spanish meaning for fight. Students fighting for their voices to be heard, for the rights to be exposed and for their future to be clear and secure, because in the end nobody nor anything can take us away our education.

Against the dogs but, with them.

by. Andres A. Pagan.

Tarzan X, responsible of the spirit and pride in the University of Puerto Rico, campus of Mayaguez. Degetau porch, remains of the oldest building in campus Degetau Hall and made the emblem of the institution in 1988.

A student of the English department, expressing herself against the stabilization fee of 800$, using well made banners. Mayagüez is not the only campus fighting against the fee, Rio Piedras, Cayey, and Ponce; among others are doing it as well.



Abstract feelings as a Student

The Celtic people attribute tree of life symbol to qualities such as wisdom, strength and longevity, and the changes seen by Celts in these trees were tagged as birth, death and rebirth. Just like the Celtic tree of life, the UPR represents these values during the formation of each student and the changes throughout the history of the university.

Climbing a mountain comes with a lot of challenges that not everyone can overcome, but if you to the top, success would be your reward. For students in the UPR, completing a career could be just like as challenging as this process.

Captions – UPRM Representation

Descriptive Caption

They can be seen all around the campus, graffiti’s protesting against the $800 fee, among other things. The Students demand more sections and more professors, and feeling that their demands are being ignored they have turn to vandalism in order to get attention.

Expressive Caption

The College of Business Administration, it’s the youngest of the colleges in UPRM being founded in the 1970. The new Building, sometimes referred to as “El Resort”, is among the latest buildings made in the UPRM and its conference center was used as a Press Center for the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games.


Rafael Hernandez Jimenez

The Transportation

By: Sheila M. Ruiz Vargas


The trolley transferred between a building and another in the Mayaguez Campus. Its services help students arrive on time to class and make good use of campus facilities, but unfortunately the opposite is true when most needed are not in your workplace.


This is the parking of the Mayaguez Campus many students daily wake up early to get parking in the white area. After 9:00 am is almost impossible to get a good parking because so many students to form lines of cars waiting to parking.

Common Day (Alexander Collado)

As part of the development of new technology different university grounds from the University of Puerto Rico focus on promoting students to join their programs to help them achieve a higher education on engineering. Buildings such as the Chemical Engineering Departments focus on research, services and on educating students coming from all socioeconomic levels to convert them in professionals competitive at a worldwide level and knowledgeable of their social responsibility.

The parking lot at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez, stuffed at its maximum just about every day, has become a problem for students third year and over because they can’t depend on it to get to class in time. Apart from the difficult task of finding a free space, there are serious risks taken when deciding to use the parking lot as it can overflow when continuous rain is given.

What reminds me of the UPRM…

By: Geshmi M. Lopez Rivera

The ‘Portico’ of the University of Puerto Rico, belonging to the Mayaguez Campus. A small piece of the UPRM, but something which is known by anyone and everyone who knows the ‘Colegio’ by heart and by those who know it's outstanding history. These are the ruins of the entrance of one of the buildings, Degetau Hall, which withstood the earthquake of 1918. Ruins that would later become the emblem of the UPRM, which in 1988 were moved, landscaped and turned into a monument.

The UPRM's chemistry labs. Laboratories equipped with burners, sample bottles, beakers, Mel-Temp, gas chambers, etc. Instruments which, as let known by the instructors, are scarcer day by day to the point where two groups of students have to share between each other.

Good Things

by Eric Santiago Correa

Expressive – connotative This is a good representation of the brain and the mind working to find a result. The humans use it to make great things like machinery that will help to improve themselves.

Descriptive - denotative A lot of big buildings and modern structures of different geometric shapes. Many splendor gardens with flying cars in a city completely connected through channels of transportation.

University is about Diversity

Several books piled up on a glass desk with a white painted wall in the background. Here are some of the many subject courses offered in a major at a university ranging from the math, sciences and engineering courses to the humanities like History and French.

What seems like a long path represents the journey that students undergo during their university experience. Once here we all have different dreams, goals, and places we want to go but in the end it all comes down to this: it is our sacrifices and hard work during this period of our lives that will help us become what it is we really want to be in the future.

By: Robert Vega

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