Dream Big

By: Rafael G. Meléndez

Why should you know who is Derly Perez? Easy as Hollywood baby! This wickedly ambitious chick, as most of her friends describe her, is going to make it big. So get with the program people.

Honing her skills. Here we have Derly on location Isabela Puerto Rico, for Prensa Comunitaria on the project "Bandera Amarilla".

One word would not suffice to describe this woman, maybe three, lights camera action. We’ve got a director in our sights, maker of short indie movies like “Beast” and president of the renowned film society of Mayaguez.

Born in the hottest place on earth, the great state of Arizona, she was teased as “narizona” for this fact alone. Born to a lovely Mexican mother and a Puerto Rican father with a military background. Thanks to his career Derly has lived and experienced distinct points of view, and different cultures, ranging from the Dominican Republic, to as far as Panama to our little and beautiful island.

As a rather normal kid, great grades and 20+ credits by semester. Her plans detail and include finishing her “plan B”, which are English studies, by May. To either become a teacher or risk it all to pursuit her dream of being a “big shot” producer and move yet again to the “capital of the world” New York City. Big dreaming from a girl whose name is from a magazine that her mom thought was cute.

Her work speaks for herself but all her friends see her as a brilliant, creative and as somewhat crazy individual. And with a little luck, and a lot of hard work she will make it.

“I want to make UPR Mayaguez not only known for its curriculum in science and mathematics, but also by its cultured individuals.”

Derly is President of "La Sociedad de Cine Mayaguez".


Kelsins’s Profile

          Everyone knows that languages are very important in life and even more if they are one of the most spoken around the world. Sadly, a lot of people in the world are not able to have this privilege of knowing different languages due to unfortunate circumstances. Luckily, Kelsins was born to a decent middle class family which in turn provided him with good qualities, manners and education. For this blessing he has his father to thank, he who spent 20 years in the US military and is not a retired veteran. It only makes sense that his father’s military background provided him with a good sense of duty when it comes to helping and assisting others. The Santos family traveled to Europe, United States and various other places including Puerto Rico due to his father’s military career. Because of this, Kelsins has become used to traveling and getting used to new cultures, thus causing him to have a more open mind than most. Being the constant traveler he was, Kelsins was unable to maintain a relationship that lasted more than 2 years, but nevertheless he was never short of creating lasting bonds. He helped those who crossed his path plenty; and people never forget those who extend their hand and make sacrifices to help you out. That is a great reason why Kelsins Santos is committed to help the people without the opportunities he had, bent on teaching people from different countries around English, for free. This by no means is a common dream. Making the difference is important and that is one of the reasons he is studying English linguistics. He says “this world needs help, and I will help it” and with that thought he motivates himself to complete his bachelor degree to become a professional. We really need more people like Kelsins that are willing to give more and receive less that they deserve. 

By: Manuel Centeno Diaz


Beatrice was born to be the next Einstein in medicine. Her long life dream is to become the greatest physician assistant in the country. Beatrice was born in the beautiful town of Dorado in the island of Puerto Rico. Beatrice is considered to be a prodigy according to her teacher. She skipped a grade in high school because of her great knowledge, this has made her great student in the university because she has taken only Advanced Placement classes all her life. She is a great student and sister, she very has had to struggle in life to make things work out for her and her family. She learned to speak English by herself because she knew it would eventually create opportunities in her life. Beatrice learned to speak English by watching cartoons and other television programs when she was a small child. Making her more prepared for this new journey in her life.  In her the only words she lives by are “Life is too short to let the greatest chances in life walk away!!!!!!” Some of the things that have help Beatrice become a better student is that as a teacher I have been able to help her with her work in school. I have also shown her the way to be prepared for school and how to be very good organized for school. Beatrice has not had an easy life she comes from a divorced family, her mother has had to do the role of the father and mother so that she would be able to succeed in life. Although Beatrice has not had a very easy life she is still a very normal girl she is a wonderful student she love to handout with her friends like any normal teenager as well as to draw and watch movies although classics from the 80.

(The dawn of the new days bring new chances and life to the life
of many people in the world. The journey to the future is what drives people to grow.)

(In this picture we can see a young girl named Beatriz holding
the love of her life her put bunny.Which she had to part with because her new college did not allow to be with the bunny.)

Cruising Through Life

By: Christopher F. Conde Viruet

Eduardo, just seconds from departing to his "Prom Night" in 2010 and having an unforgettable night with his friends. After many sacrifices and perseverance, achievement!

At an early age Eduardo experienced conflicts between his parents and ended up living with just his mother. Though his father disappeared for years, he reappeared when Eduardo was 14 with a different and clean mentality.

After being born in San Juan and living for years with just his mother in Arroyo, Eduardo developed a passion for image editing and web editing. He later decided to study what he most liked, Computer Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. Being a freshman at the UPR- Mayaguez didn’t worry Eduardo, since he had confidence in himself and knew he was going to do well in his classes. He felt sure about this because he had already encountered various obstacles through life and was not going to let an academic challenge stop him. Although some of the classes seemed to be pretty tough, he gave the best he had at every one of them and preceded through life with his unique calm, laid back style. Like he said, “I feel I’m just cruising through life”.

Eduardo was born in 1992 in San Juan, moved to Arroyo when his parents separated and stayed there until he graduated from high school in 2010. Even before graduating, Eduardo knew he wanted to go to Mayaguez to study computer engineering since it was the best engineering school in the island. He would love to stay in Puerto Rico doing programing for a company. Although he in conscious of the economic situation in the island and knows he might have to travel to find a job that satisfies his needs. So he says, “Life now a day is tough, so all I can do is study hard and hope my talent in computing is really appreciated”.

After a lot of trial and error in photography and web design, Eduardo has been able to create a passion for both hobbies. Now, whenever he gets an opportunity, there he is taking pictures, browsing the Internet, or helping friend fix their web sites.

“Freedom Dancer”

By:  Eduardo J. Carlo Lamberty

Dancing has been Marlian's passion since she was 9 years old.

Marlian was attending junior high school when a car struck her while she crossed the street on a rainy day. This kind of tragedy usually ends up in a sad way but thankfully Marlian was the exception.

     A busted lip, a bruised back, among other aches,  on Marlian’s body were attended on Hospital Perea of Mayagüez, her hometown, but thankfully no serious injury took place that could stop her from doing what she loves, dancing.

At first sight Marlian looks like a serious, quiet, shy girl who usually doesn’t speak to strangers. Since graduating in 2010 from the Eugenio María de Hostos High School in Mayagüez, she hasn’t made many friends on UPR-Mayagüez where she enrolled last year. Truthfully, Marlian is a happy, fun and very outgoing girl and her passion is dancing.

It all started when she was 9 years old, Marlian began dancing at the regular school musicals and in-town shows, nothing big yet. Once she got older her love for dancing got bigger to the point that Marlian at her 19 years has danced on worldwide recognized stages. On 2005, along with her dance group Marlian danced at the famous Puerto Rican Parade in New York and in 2006 she participated in front of hundreds of fans on the half time show at the All-America Capital Bowl, a famous football game in Orlando, Florida.

Marlian plans to graduate from UPR-Mayagüez with a degree on medicine to help people who suffer accidents like the one she faced. She also intends to keep dancing until her body permits her.

“Dancing is my passport to freedom, when I dance I go to another world, my own world…”

To Marlian dancing is more than a hobby, is her key to freedom that sets her free.

A Future Engineer: Estefan Salazar by: Ivan C. Ramos

Iván C. Ramos

Prof. Geliga

Se. 096

Profile: Estefan Salazar

Estefan Salazar is a student of the UPR in Mayaguez and is trying to achieve one of his most sacred goals in his life, and that is become a civil engineer. He is a hometown boy who was born and raised in Trujillo Alto and now is experiencing the time of his life living far away from home.

He grew up in a stable house in terms of money and studied his whole life in private schools, because Estefan parents knew he would get the best education from then, that way he could enroll in one of the best college in Puerto Rico

Estafan Salazar is with a figure of the president of the United States Barack Obama.

Estefan future was uncertain, because he did not paid attention to studying and did not care about his future. Then he realizes that in society being a professional was a very important factor in life. That way Estefan motivate and discipline himself to have better studying habits in high schools, so he could achieve one of his dreams that was graduate from “El Colegio” in Mayaguez; That does not mean Estefan quit having his social life active like he used to do before turning into a responsible young adult, he kept hanging out with his friends, playing some basketball and soccer, it just means that this time he was more focus on studying than partying.

Estefan change from a shy and irresponsible boy that did not care about his future into a responsible and hard worker young adult who is now facing the biggest challenge of his life living far away from home and in a mission to graduate from UPR in Mayaguez like a complete professional.

Some people only see a bridge, but behind that is the hard work and passion of a Civil Engineer.

He likes “El Colegio” very much and says that when he graduates from UPRM his next step in life is to achieve a master degree in civil engineering in the United States.

“The way for a young man to rise is to improve himself in every way he can, never suspecting that anybody wishes to hinder him”.
-Abraham Lincoln

Surfing Through The Life Of Christian Maldonado

By: Arnaldo G. Nieves Vázquez

"I have life on the beach!" Christian has a similar view of this every day he gets up for college.

“I have life on the beach!” Christian Maldonado, age of 19 has lived most of his life on the coast of our ‘beautiful’ island of Puerto Rico. But this young man hasn’t lived all of his life at the beach. Christian’s father’s side of the family is from Ponce, and he was born there too before his parents decided to move to Joyuda (Cabo Rojo) which is where he is currently living at.

Like most young men, Christian likes to party! Apparently he has partied more than others: “one time at this party, we ended up burning a chair as we were trying to make a bonfire nearby.” Christian’s hobbies include playing golf, baseball, but mostly surfing. He likes listening to electronic and ‘ska’ (reggae) music. Overall he enjoys spending time with his friends and going the beach.

Christian graduated from high school in Colegio San Agustin (Cabo Rojo) and is currently a student at the University of Puerto Rico (Mayagüez). He has now begun his third year studying Political Sciences as a Bachelor’s Degree and plans to pursue Marine Biology as a Post-Grad Degree.

Christian has a ‘spectacular’ view of the ocean from his home since he lives right on the coast of the beach and can surf or kayak whenever he wants. “I really am grateful for living so close to the beach, I could be here at anytime and never get bored of it.”

Here is Christian relaxing at his house after a regular day of college.

Never give up

By. Marlián S. Deras Barbosa

This trophy shows a young man playing basketball. This was given to Eduardo Carlo for his dedication as a leader for his basketball team.

When Eduardo Carlo was a little kid he liked to play baseball, but one day in a baseball game the ball hit him in his face and from that moment he decided to not play again. He did not give up in sports and started to play basketball, he became a great player and athlete on that sport.

Eduardo in his life passed many tough things like the divorce of his parents and years later the sad loss of his father but he is a strong person that’s keeps going with his life with a positive attitude.

At first impression Eduardo looks like a friendly, funny and happy person, when you get to know him you see that he is humble, he has a good heart and he cares for others. Eduardo do not go out very much like others students in college, he prefers to spend time with his family that he loves so much.

Eduardo graduated from San Agustin high school from Cabo Rojo in 2010. He went to a senior trip in Punta Cana with his friends; they spend a great time together in the summer. Back to Puerto Rico Eduardo started to get prepared for his new life in college.

His role model is his mother, she studied accounting and he wants to follow the same dream as her and make her proud. Eduardo started his studies in accounting on the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez and he is working hard to complete his dream and graduate in accounting.

“Dreams come true, you just have to never give up and believe in yourself.”

With effort and dedication Eduardo will reach his dream of graduate from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez. When this day arrives his dream will be complete and he will feel proud of himself.

Miosoti Valentin’s Journey Towards her Dreams

By: Stefanny Santana Rivera

Miosoti posing before her big audition of Idol Puerto Rico in the Pachins Vicens at Ponce. It has been her dream since she was a little girl to sing in front of a big audience.

When Miosoti was in 10th grade she decided to skip a grade and graduate one year early. Since she passed all of her advanced placement tests, she was able to get into UPR-Aguadilla into the Biology program with hopes of becoming a pharmacist, was this her dream or her mother’s dream???

Miosoti had to grow up with a single overprotective mom, but she always found a way to be her own self, on her fifth year of university she transferred to UPR-Mayaguez, got a job and by doing this lost her scholarship.

By the time she transferred to Mayaguez, Miosoti decided to change her mayor from Biology to Psychology and discovered that her real passion is law not pharmacy. She did all of the arrangements on her mother’s back and when she found out, they didn’t talk for almost 2 months. That was devastating to her mom because she had guided her throughout life; when she auditioned in Idol Puerto Rico and went to her singing rehearsals, the one person that had always been by her side was her mom.

When Miosoti got to Mayaguez she felt happy and relieved because she could finally be who she wanted to be, but at the same time she was incredibly sad because even though her mom was overprotective she really missed her. She had to start working to put herself through college because by having worked the semester before she lost her whole scholarship. When Miosoti revealed her future life plans, her mom started to ease up and now they’re working on their relationship.

Right now she’s in her fifth year of college, she plans to graduate in May and get into law school in august. Her relationship with her mom gets better every day and she tutors little kids to pay for college.

When huge corporations become business partners they usually rely on big law firms to handle legal issues. Schwartz LLC New York advises foreign corporations from around the world doing business in the United States.

“I took Political Sciences and I like to express myself and be respected for what I think, that’s why I want to become a lawyer.”


Jorge LOpez “The Man of the Change”

I am sure he would be this kind of lawyer. As we can see a lawyer that will work hard to resolve the people's problems in the future.

By:Jym C. Rodriguez

When Jorge Lopez was a high school student he had a passion for baseball, and worked hard on his team to win, but then he started to play  volleyball that was something that gave him even more experience in practicing sports. Actually he has a different perspective when he talks about his personal life has a student. Jorge has passed some difficulties in his life as student at  uprm. Like  his first day of class he got in to a parking driving type of care less, or may be just fast but he got into a dicussion with a guy that was looking for parking too, maybe  because his attitude toward others. In present he lives with his mother, in mayaguez. For these reason Lopez had study in many highschools at mayaguez and actually he still study at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez.He came to uprm to study biology, to contine on medicine,but he change his mind again and at this point he has past by three deparments and now study sociology.   On the other hand Jorge keep focuse on doing his charity on the student organization SIFE(Student in Free Enterprice), where he can develop his good intentions, toward other people. In the future Jorge plans to be a lawyer  and work on some of the many law fields. Lopez said: “All this time I been changing my mind, but always focuse on my studies ‘.

in this photo we can see jorge lopez with his classroom friends on the graduition day.A memorable day in jorges lifes, that lead him for the next level.

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