Magic and Experience Disney Internship

By: Manuel Centeno Diaz

Tuesday October 25 the Disney college internship orientation started  first orientation which took place in the Nursing department of the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez campus. This internship has been going on for 30 years now; it was started on 1981 by the Walt Disney CEO. This internship prepares the students that participate in it to be ready for their future careers.

College internship offers students the chance to gain experience before they graduate from the university. It equally offers the students the chance to be able to work in groups and also the great opportunity to work with people from all over the world. Some of the things that the students will be learning in the internship are how to work well with another people and how to prepare for job searching once they graduate from the university.

The official recruiter for the Disney college program is Mr. Mel Morales; he is the one that goes to different universities all over the US and Puerto Rico orientating student that are interested in being part of the Walt Disney’s family.  Some of the things that Mel instructs the students in on how this experience can help the students in their future. Some of the things that he told the students were Walt Disney Company likes to hire many of the students that participate in the internship. But the students must prove that they are prepared for the job.

Some of the things that the company is looking for are for students who are able to work in groups.  Some of the things that the internship provides for the students is classes to prepare them for the job that they will do while they work in the Disney theme parts.  They are also provided with beautiful dorms that are located in the theme parks. According with Mel senior recruiter for the Internship program at the college level.

Although the student has to pay rent in the park, they are given many benefits for the internship.  Most importantly is that the internship is worth 3 college credits. Which is beneficial because the student scholarships and there educational need will not be affected.

Secondly the students will be given the chance to choose when they start to work, they are also given 50% discount on all the rides and cruise liners that Disney owns. The interns will also be given a 50% discount for their family. Some of the other benefits from the internship are the chance to work with other international companies that Disney own.

Some of these companies of high prestige as ESPN, ABC, MARVEL, PIXAR. These are some of the leading entertainment companies in the United States. Unfortunately, students that take part in these will need to go through interviews and need to pay for the airplane trip to Orlando Florida. But because students will get paid, the money that they use for the trip will be made back as they work.

The Disney program  allows the students to pick when they want to do the internship.  The internship program takes place every semester from August to January and from January to May, but they are also given the opportunity to extend from May to August. The next orientation for the Disney college program will be taking place at the Mayaguez campus in the Business Administration Department it will be held on Wednesday 26 at 5 p.m. in afternoon in room 339.

In this picture students that have participated in the college internship program.

At the left Leyda Ponce de Leon staff contact at (Mayaguez campus) to the right Mel Morales recruiter for Walt Disney college internships.


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