100 Years of History

100 Years of History

By: Grace M. Castillo

Professor: Stephania Uwakweh

Section: 096

October 27, 2011

The University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez campus (RUM), is celebrating its one hundred years of excellent education for our country and the world. As part of this celebration, the RUM is making some activities like parades, concerts and student’s activities some like seminars, dances and theaters.

Kanny Garcia with Paola Pacheco and Grace Castillo Photo by: Kanny Garcia

     The last Thursday, October 13, 2011, the University had a concert  call “Fiesta de Pueblo” meaning a feast for the people in the Coliseo Rafael Mangual. Everyone was invited; even people from outside the RUM because it was part of the celebration to socialize not only with students but with other people that did not necessarily study in the University. The artists that took part in this celebration were Alma Latina, la Orquesta de Roberto Ortiz and Kanny García. To the surprise of all the people, another artist who attended the concert was the writer and singer, Pedro Capo, who appeared on the stage with Kanny Garcia. They sang the song “Si Tu Me lo Pides” and he also sang his new song “60 Segundos” that tells the story of how he will feel if the woman that he loved leaves him.

Kanny was amazing; she gave a varied repertoire like “Estigma de Amor”, “Feliz”, “Esta Soledad” and the song of the telenovela (series in Spanish) “Dona Barbara”. She ended the concert with the song that everyone was expecting “Amigo en el Baño”. This song is about how women are better without a men this song is really funny and catchy. She was so exited she told it was the first time she gave a concert that she could interact with the people so close because she was used to sing in crowded places.

Pedro was in shock of how the people just loved him because of the short time that has been in the industries of music. The girls were crazy taking a lot of photos of him they didn’t want that Pedro leave the Coliseum Mangual. He said, “The University is great; there are a lot of lovely people I really want to come back again”. Kanny said, “I love this University; you guysare so amazing. I would love to come again”. In the interview, Kanny told how marriage life was; she married one of her guitarist and she said “It’s a new experience. It’s great! I think that I am going to write songs about the new life that I am having but don’t worry, I am still going to write songs with the themes that all the people love”.

Pedro Capo with Paola Pacheco and Grace Castillo Photo by: Camila Trinidad

     The other groups that participated that night were great. They did everybody begin to dance. These groups represented the life of the University; the first group was Alma Latina. It’s a group composed only of students of the RUM. They were really good but they had technical problems with the sound. The other group was the “Orquesta de Roberto Ortiz” is composed of men that were former students of the RUM. They were amazing; they made everyone to dance salsa and merengue and the floor was full of people.

The students loved the concert; one asked Kanny to marry him and Kanny joking said yes. The people in charge of this concert said it was cool the RUM made that show and they thought it’s a really great idea that they make more concerts and activities for the entertainment of the students. The activity was a success because everything was in order and safe. Everyone felt like a family atmosphere.



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