Occupy Puerto Rico

By: Estefan G. Salazar Ramos

Occupy Puerto Rico

The Wall Street occupation served for hundreds of Puerto Rican to start their own movement “Occupy Puerto Rico’’. Occupy Wall Street was like the leader to all the countries that began this movement and what they, based on Wikipedia, demanded is that President Obama ordain a Presidential Commission tasked with ending the influence money has over our representatives in Washington and government corruption.

Besides Puerto Rico, in many other countries such as Germany, Italy and Japan just to mention a few, the movement has been conducted. Almost all countries that started this movement have these demands in common.

On October 15, 2011, a small group of people went to the street “Milla de Oro in Hato Rey” to put up posters and march in protest of all that is happening in Puerto Rico from unemployment to education.

Although it was a small group that took part in the march, the organizers were satisfied because this is the beginning of the movement and also many people did not know about the march. Many people may not support this because the majority of the members are students from the University of Puerto Rico but there are many adult people and professionals. Some people also may not support it because of the strike happen the past year between the students and the administration.

The Occupy Puerto Rico group is emphasizing in the democratic opinion, education, changes in the economic system and socialization; important needs that the Puerto Rican community has to acquire in these times. In fact, the occupy movement arrives in an era when the economic problems and violence are at its highest point and what this movement wants to achieve is create a dialogue with the people that are responsible; to get a solution that is beneficial to all Puerto Rican.

What this movement tells us is that people have had enough of abuse from politicians and rich people, whose sole purpose is to gain money and not involve the real problem Puerto Rico has. A great example for this is the unemployment situation, the governor fired thousands of public workers with the excuse Puerto Rico is an economic deficit.

Organizers of Occupy Puerto Rico are taking place reunions for ideas and advices. At the meetings, they discussed what is going to be their next step toward fulfilling their goals. The movement has been promoted all over the social media, Facebook, Internet New and Twitter, where you can find all kind of information, like when they are going to meet and give suggestions to future “occupation”, the word they use instead of march.

The group of the movement has members all over different universities, asked a few question about the movement to Alejandro Medina, one of the members who is currently studying at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. Alejandro Medina is aware of all that has been taken place at the meetings because he is very involved in this movement.

Also asked him how he feels about being a few of millions of Puerto Rican being part of this movement. He replied: “I feel very proud to be part of the movement because this says that all of us are conscious of all the corruption and brutality our government is committing against the people of Puerto Rico.’’

The second question I ask him was how he feels when all the news instead of saying that few people took the initiative to start the Occupy Puerto Rico they wrote that few people went to the march, like saying it was a failure. Alejandro replied, “We discussed that in our last meeting and all agreed that we are not go

Members promoting the movement on the streets of Puerto Rico.

ing to focus on that and we will continue doing our thing.’’

Members gathered at the Occupy Puerto Rico meeting.


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