A Centenary for History

By:  Ledinés A. Hernández Galindo


The University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus (UPRM), continued celebrating their 100 anniversary with an artistic activity on October 13, 2011 on the coliseum Rafael A. Mangual.  In this occasion Alma Latina, Roberto Ortiz Orchestra and Kanny García animated the night with their talents.

There were some kiosks outside the Coliseum with fried food and sodas.  There were police men at the door checking the bags and ensuring the safety of all too.

At first, there weren’t too many people at the Coliseum, but people become to arrive later.  The activity was supposed to begin at 8:00 p.m., but it started at 8:50p.m.  Alma Latina Group started the night with a famous Puerto Rican song and sang “boricuas” songs all their show.  This group is part of the band and orchestra division of the UPRM and they are students directed by a music professor.  Alma Latina sang typical music for approximately one hour.  At the end, another UPRM student took the stage and sang some “trova” songs.  All of them were related to the university’s centenary and the public respond very well.  She sang with much enthusiasm and received much applause from the public for every single verse.  Then, it was a 10 minutes break and Roberto Ortiz Orchestra started their show.

The UPRM student who sang "trova" songs

Alma Latina Group singing famous Puerto Rican songs


















“I thought the young people were going to leave the place when Roberto Ortiz started, but it was the opposite”, said Inés Rodríguez, one of the spectators and graduated student of the URPM.  “I was surprised when a little group of students started dancing and in one minute the floor was full of students doing the same step,” she added.  During Roberto Ortiz sang a famous “plena,” four students started dancing a basic “plena” step that everyone knows, and one minute later, the floor was full of students dancing the same step.  Even the singer was surprised because he never imagined his song could turn on the floor as it did.  Then, he sang some of “salsa” and the students responded again.  Approximately three student couples started dancing the “salsa” perfectly.  Later, another student couples danced, but in this occasion, they danced in some corners or near the chairs, but not in the floor.  When Roberto Ortiz Orchestra finished, they presented the musicians and most of them were graduated students of the UPRM; many of them were from the Engineering Department.

Roberto Ortiz Orchestra doing their show.


“I’m here just to see Kanny García and I don’t care if I have to wait until 3:00 a.m. for her.  Today is my 62 birthday and I wanted to gift this show for myself.  My wife, my daughter and my grandson are here to celebrate with me,” Wilfredo Martínez said.  “I’m very satisfied with this activity because I enjoyed it with my family” he added.

The public are expecting Kanny García anxiously and when she started, many people approached the stage and stayed there. “I want Mi Amigo” (my friend) says one student referring to the song “Con Mi Amigo en el Baño” (with my friend in the bathroom).  Kanny was surprised that it was a man who was specifically requesting this song because it is one for women audience.  She sang her most famous songs, played her guitar and did a good show.  The public and Kanny were very excited and euphoric.  When she was finishing her show, the same student who sang with Alma Latina, entered in the stage and sang with Kanny García too.  One UPRM student singing with Kanny García, a very good artist, was the best of the best that night.  The public never got tired of shouting and clapping every single second.

Kanny García pleased her public singing her most famous song:  “Mi Amigo en el Baño” (My Friend in the Bathroom), but she did it at the end of her show.  This was the most expected song by people and everybody waited for it.

Kanny García was the most expected singer










Kanny García singing with the UPRM student.



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