A Struggle for Women

By. Marlián S. Deras Barbosa

Colegio goes pink supporting fight against breast cancer. The event took place on October 20, 2011 in Mayaguez Campus.

Colegio Goes Pink was the event in the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez campus (UPRM) Thursday October 20, 2011. The event objective was to promote the prevention of breast cancer. The event was aimed toward the entire college community and required being dress in pink. The American Cancer Society of Puerto Rico is responsible for related activities to raise the attention to the women to prevent breast cancer.

Besides that, the organization of this event in the UPRM was the responsibility of a group of students from the engineering department. Emariely Rivera was the student in charge of the group and this event. There was sales of t-shirts, pins and bands of breast cancer pro funds of the foundation in the Stefani building at the UPRM.

When Emariely was asked how she felt being in charge of the event. “I am grateful to be part of this struggle and to give my help by carrying the message of the importance of prevention and early detection of breast cancer,” Emariely responded. Breast cancer is the uncontrollable growing of cell in the breast area. This growing is not normal but is curable with medical treatment.

Also, the American Cancer Society is committed to creating awareness to the women to be prevented of this disease. Breast cancer is curable only if it is detected early. Practicing a regular self-exam is a good way to detect early signs of breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, a woman’s breast must be checked monthly, one week after finishing the menstruation because the breast will not be swollen. If there is a detection of a change on the feel of breast or a finding of a hardening in the breast, the woman must visit the doctor as soon as possible.

But the breast exam varies between ages; when less than 40 years old, women should be examined monthly and go to the doctor to get a mammogram every 3 years. Between 40 years old and 49 years old, they should be examined monthly and go to the doctor every 2 years. Women 50 years old and older should be examined monthly and be seen by the doctor to examine every year.

The new icon of the American Cancer Society is the pink bra that represents the struggle of the women.

October is the Month of the Prevention of the Breast Cancer and the American Cancer Society of Puerto Rico organized activities all over Puerto Rico this month. These kinds of activities were called “Put On Your Pink Bra, March for a Cause: Breast Cancer.” According to El Nuevo Dia News, the pink bra is the new icon of the struggle against the breast cancer and it represents how personal the fight against cancer is and the individual experiences of the survivors of the disease.

According to the central cancer registry based on the statistics from 2000 to 2004, breast cancer is the most frequent mortality in women on Puerto Rico and increase every year. Annually, an approximated 1,540 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. The average age of the breast cancer diagnose is 59 years old and the average mortality is 63 years.

When Julia Garcia a breast cancer survivor was asked what goes through the mind of a woman at the time when she is told that she has breast cancer, Julia Garcia responded: “I just could only think about death and the sadness that I felt.” When asked how she exceeded the sad news she responded: “At first I was sad but I am a happy person and took the news with a positive attitude always with the trust on God. With the grace of God, today at my 61 years old I am alive and I can proudly say that I am a breast cancer survivor.”

Cancer survivors are inspiration for other women to continue the struggle against breast cancer. Breast cancer is curable with the correct medical treatment and with the positive attitude of the patient. The American Cancer Society is going to continue making marches and events supporting the fight against breast cancer. They ask for the help of the people to have their support to the cause and with the help of all, they will reach their goal.

The employs of academic affairs from the Mayaguez Campus dress in pink to support the fight against breast cancer.


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