Feature Story – Alberto Santiago Santiago

By. Alberto Santiago Santiago

October 25, 2011

“La Gran Fiesta de Pueblo”

Music and entertainment, that were the words that I heard from Sharon Rodriguez, a former freshman student, when she learned of the upcoming show from Kany Garcia. She is an acclaimed singer from Puerto Rico and visited the Rafael Mangual Coliseum at University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus (UPRM) as a centenary activity. My first impression was the lightning and audio systems that deliver a powerful sound to all the coliseum and the happiness that demonstrate all the people.

This was the stage where the show was presented

The singer was coming at September 23 but she cancelled her spectacle because a heavy rain affected the entire west area of Puerto Rico. After all the University administration was committed to complete their promise; they invited her newly to present a decent spectacle in the campus to our community.

On October 13, 2011, UPRM reserved the Rafael A. Mangual Coliseum to presents Kany Garcia’s free concert. Over 300 people assisted to this acclaimed activity to improve their university spirit.

Not only Kany Garcia was presented there, also other musicians as “Alma Latina” and “La Orquesta de Roberto Ruiz” were invited to this grand activity. It was free to everybody who assisted to “gran fiesta de pueblo” the codename gived to the activity. Despite being a controversial singer, this event had a great acceptance from everyone including locals from Mayaguez that are neighbors of the campus.

However, we could see the energy that was in the activity, most people danced almost every song, especially the music from the orchestra. This orchestra was the reason for the great assistance to the activity thanks from their tropical music like “plena”, “salsa”, “merengue”, etc. and this cause most of the people present went out to dance in the center of the track.

People adjacent to the show as Ramon Medina, a young man who came from Ponce to enjoy the event said: “Although I spend on gasoline, I liked the show and also were able to share with old friends who were in it.

Another student named Jesus Hernandez added: “I like it, especially the tropical music orchestra that was before, and I dance all night and enjoyed a lot with my colleges.

Here we can see the energy and joy of many students enjoying the activity

These events bring us together as a community. If we take advantage of these, we can provide relaxation time at the same time motivate us to continue up front. One example is the presence of students organizations like Radio Colegial, which were part of this show and cover it. Many of them thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Another example is the attendance of some members of the college band, one of them named Johnny John Santiago said: “The activity was successful and liked a lot; in addition this motivates us to perform music when we are behind our instruments”. Another band member, Omar Martinez told me: “the event was very good even I sang almost complete “Hoy ya me voy” from Kany Garcia. This song was awesome and was able to remember my past”.

Izamar Gonzalez, a Industrial Engineering student talked to me the happiness that she feel, “I sang and dance almost every song from Kany and la Orchestra, even I went out from their hoarse and sweaty”. It was a night that I enjoyed full with no regrets.

These statements show the success of the activity and we should take example to continue preparing activities like this for the whole university people. The Universities directors would seek to promote musical events, for a better knowledge of the students. In times where no sports, we can develop concerts and activities like this.


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