Feature Story: Ivan C. Ramos

By: Iván Ramos

“Fiesta de Pueblo” at the UPRM

On a cool night on Thursday, October, 13, 2011 the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (UPRM) organized a celebration in honor of the 100 year anniversary. The celebration was held in the Mangual Coliseum and started at 8pm.

The coordinators of this celebration invited famous artist like Kany Garcia, The Orchestra of Roberto Ortiz and Latin Soul. This celebration was organized by Dr. Jorge Rivera, the rector of the UPRM, and was given the name of “Fiesta de Pueblo”.

Outside the coliseum, there were five tents which offered refreshments, water, Gatorade, frappe and soda. Also, they offered food such as pizza, “empanadillas” (turn-over) and “pinchos” (kabobs). The celebration reflected the pride of the administration for having served 100 years of education to students.

Moreover the first artist to perform was The Orchestra of Roberto Ortiz. When the orchestra started to give their show, there was not enough people in the coliseum and the majority of people that had arrived were adults.

When The Orchestra of Roberto Ortiz finished, Dr. Jorge Rivera started talking to the audience expressing his immense pride of being part for this honorable and once in a lifetime experience. Rivera also said that he felt greater joy because he once was a student of the UPRM which are the best students in Puerto Rico. Rivera added, “The students that graduate from here are fully prepared to face the professional world”.

Immediately after Dr. Rivera finished his speech, the band Latin Soul came to the stage greeting everyone in the crowd. Latin Soul began singing at around 10:45 pm, but the coliseum was still half empty and the majority was still adults.

(People dancing and enjoying the rhythm of Latin Soul as the band is singing).

As a result, when Kany Garcia finally came to perform, everyone started screaming and the coliseum started filling up quickly because she was the main event of the night; everybody was waiting for the talented singer to arrive.

Garcia sang perfectly, two of the songs that students reacted very emotionally to, were “Que Nos Paso” and “Tu y Yo” which is her new hit single with the artist Gilberto Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa did not come to the “Fiesta de Pueblo” that night. By comparison, Kany Garcia had more fans than the other artists.

Since important people were at the colorful event, the security was tight in every way possible. The security staff checked every backpack and the pockets of every student who wanted to be part of the event. It seems as if the administration did not want to take any risks with the artists.

The secretary of “Radio Colegial” Isabel Ruberte Figueroa said that the event was supposed to be about integrating the citizens of Mayaguez with the centenary celebration of the UPRM. Ruberte also said that she was very proud to be part of a celebration that involved such importance.

Furthermore, there were cameras across the Mangual Coliseum recording the whole show from the beginning; in fact there were cameras on the second floor, in front of the stage, sideways and on stage.  When the production director of “Radio Colegial”, Natalia Garcia, was asked if the show was being transmitted through the web she said: “No because we could not settle an agreement on time with the administration and Dr. Jorge Rivera”.

(The recording and production staff making sure everything is going as plan).

On the whole, the concert was a success and the students enjoyed every minute of it. Students from the UPRM sang, ate, laughed and overall they had a good time. At the end of the celebration Dr. Rivera expressed his immense gratitude to the students that came to the concert.



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