Saving the World

By Bianca T. Caraballo

Recycling is processing used materials into new ones to prevent contamination and also to create useful things. Some of the recyclable materials are glass, paper, plastic, metal, and many more. By encouraging people to recycle; “Campus Verde” is making a difference in the world.

In the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez; many events are being held to help the cause. The events are called “Campus Verde” where the students are informed and taught about the advantages of recycling. This is a great way to give an example to the community and, little by little, make a difference.

The “Colegio” has 170 recycling containers throughout the campus. They are located in the Stefani, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biology and Agricultural Science buildings, and  also in the Business Administration and Fine Arts buildings. These are made available to the students so that this project can be well executed.

But one location that is most seen by the students is the one in front of the Student Union. In this specific location; there wasn’t one of the containers that the students were accustomed to see. Instead of the containers; there was a fence around a tree where many of the students and even personnel of the “Colegio” go and put their plastic materials in. To call their attention, there are posters stacked on the tree.

Another location besides the ones mentioned earlier is the Lucchetti building. On the first floor; there are two containers that serve specifically for recycling. All of these stations are a great way for the students to cooperate and get the word out.

“Students really get involved and are working to make a difference not only in our community but in the world”, said Roberto Torres Martínez, the recycling coordinator. The dedication of these students and coordinator is shown through their work to help the “Colegio” become Pro-Green and motivate the students and the personnel to do better. By introducing these measures; an improvement can be seen in the environment of the university.

“By recycling we can help reduce the use of energy, reduce air pollution, water pollution and much more”, said the recycling coordinator when being asked how recycling helps the environment. Recycling really does make a difference if people help. People can always start in their own home.

When interviewing the recycling coordinator most of the questions that were answered were those that really matter to the recycling community. For example, what items can be used to put in our recycling containers? ; To this Roberto Torres Martínez answered: “material like paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and cans”. Some of the materials that cannot be included in the containers are: juice cartons, shredded paper, and aluminion foil and others.

What tips can we have to save our planet?  Roberto Torres Martínez answered: “things like cleaning our air filters, turning off our lights when they are not being used, planting trees and eliminate cleaning products that might contain harsh chemicals, like hairspray or insecticide.  These actions can all start in the homes of everyone and also motivate everyone around us.             The point of these activities is to spread the word and the ideas. These events are created to make people care and be more conscious of the danger our environment is encountering. Because of this they need to take action and start recycling in the communities and by doing this there can be a better place to live.

“We can shop wisely, consume less, throw away less and also think of the consequences of our purchases”, these are some of the recommendations of Torres Martínez for a better recycling. These are just very simple things that everybody could do and, when done, it will leave great satisfaction.

These activities are done with the purpose of helping the environment and making it safe. Students have really supported these events because they know they can make a difference and are willing to give their all. Their support is shown throughout the changes that have been done to the university.

Students got to participate everyday in this activity. They could always go and leave their plastic materials to be recycled.


These are some of the containers available at the different buildings. This one in particular is in the building of Stefani.


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