The American Chemistry Association Members Representing the RUM

By: Krystal Nicole Velez Farinacci

On October every year the American Chemistry Society celebrates the Week of Chemistry. It’s an entire week that chemistry students dedicated to doing different things in and out the university about chemistry.  A group of students belonging to the American Chemical Society (ACS) from the University Of Puerto Rico Of Mayaguez spent last week visiting high schools doing different activities about chemistry to high school students. The students of the ACS prepared a series of experiments and activities related of chemistry where the high school students  participated and enjoyed each of them.

The ACS RUM is a society for students from the Chemistry Department who are interested in joining it. Membership in this society is a privilege because it makes you grow as a leader, teaches you new things about chemistry and serves you in your resume for when you graduate from college with a bachelor degree especially in chemistry.

Wilniady Sepulveda a student from the University of Puerto Rico of Mayaguez and a member of the ACS participated last week in the activities. Sepulveda began in the American Chemical Society since she entered the University. “Since I knew that in the RUM existed a Chemistry Association I knew I will be in it” said Wilniady Sepulveda and she did.

Because the students of the ACS can’t be losing their classes according to Sepulveda, they only visited two high schools. The activities were carried out one on Tuesday October 18, 2011 and on Friday October 21 2011. On Tuesday they visited the high school “Eugenio Maria de Hostos” in Mayaguez and on Friday they visited “Colegio Presbiterano” in Mayaguez. The policy of the ACS divided into 2 groups of students because everyone wanted to participate in the activities but not all could.  Some were participating on Tuesday and the others on Friday.

The students of the American Chemistry Society arrived at about 10:30am to the high schools. They prepared experimental activities and talked about what chemistry is about and a demonstration of what they do in the university laboratories. The 2 days they were carrying the materials they needed and always with smiles and a desire to do the activities. “We do this voluntarily” emphasizes Wilniady. All of it is voluntarily. The teachers and students from the schools they visited received them enthusiastically. Most of the students participated and enjoyed it. The activities and experiments they prepared went very well on both days. The ACS students were satisfied with all of the work it was a success.

Students who belong to the Society work hard every day to have an organized and recognized society. The students are dedicated to create an environment for sharing and an opportunity for new students of chemistry to get in and live the opportunity.

Samantha Lopez, Secretary of the ACS, said that students started in the last 2 years have been the most united and who most want to participate and have made the society go forward. Samantha Lopez exhorts workers and other interested students to enter to the society as it is a great opportunity. it not have to be a chemistry student. All chemistry lovers can join the ACS. ACS email for more information














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