Worth the wait.

By: Milliangelys Olavarria

“Good entertainment” said Frankie Otero to describe La Gran Fiesta de Pueblo.

For the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus (RUM), 2011 has been a year full of celebration. Many activities have been scheduled thought the whole year. A fair, concerts, competitions, art galleries and Open Houses are some of the activities that have been on the Comité del Centenario (committee that organizes events for the RUM 100 year celebration) list. All of these activities have been made for the delight of the university community.

“When you enter the Coliseum Mangual, you could feel an ambience filled with “Sabor Boricua” and celebration” said Lorilmar Palomares, a RUM student who was at Gran Fiesta de Pueblo in honor of the 100 years of the University of Puerto Rico.

The scenery of "La Gran Fiesta Colegial"

The scenery of "La Gran Fiesta Colegial"

Since you set foot in that coliseum you could see a dark place filled with people, chairs, green lights, a 100 paw print on the floor and a big stage where artists sang and made people dance. “La Gran Fiesta de Pueblo” event that was celebrated October 13, 2011 in the Coliseum Mangual.

Originally this event was scheduled to take place September 22 in the universities old track but it was cancel and told that it would be postponed for another date and place during the semester. The reason why it was canceled was because of the weather conditions of that day.Because of the rain the track and its sorundings were not in the conditions for the activity to take place. The track field was filled with humidity and was not safe for the entertainers and even the public that would attend.

Since the activity cancelation, people were anxious to know the new date “it felt like forever, every day I checked my inbox (e-mails) to see if the new date was sent” said Lorilmar Palomares.  The “Comité del Centenario” took a long time to respond the students; since one of their objectives is to develop a memory to commemorate the 100 years they took the time to decide when it would be best to have the event.

At last the day was set for October 13, 2011 where artist like Kany García, la Orquesta de Roberto Ortiz y Alma Latina would take over the stage to celebrate this grand event. The activity started about 7 p.m with the band Alma Latina and some students from the university. At the entrance of the Coliseum Mangual, there were kiosk that has beverages and snacks for the public to enjoy. At the main entrance, there were security guards in every door to make sure the event was completely safe.

People of all ages were in the coliseum: from toddlers up to more elderly people. It was a great place to have all these people celebrating RUM 100 anniversary. All around the coliseum, there were green lights and some lights that showed 100 and the university mascot paw print. The night was just starting and people were overjoyed with the show.

When la Orquesta de Roberto Ortiz was up on stage, immediately young adolescents got up from their seats and started to dance to the rhythms of salsa and merengue. Roberto explained that this was a special night for the band, “it’s our 50 year anniversary and what a way to celebrate than being here in the university where I used to roam the halls of”. They also sang puertorican folklore music “plena” with people of all ages dancing a “comparsa” on the dance floor. La Orquesta de Roberto Ortiz was a very special performance which ended with an acknowledgment to the band for their 50 year trajectory & with the singing of the universities anthem.

To finalize the event, singer and songwriter Kany Garcia took the stage. She started her show and the audience gathered around the stage to sing with her. In her presentation, she showed that she was glad to be there and said, “How delicious to be with such a great group of people…I enjoy more shows like this”. Kany Garcia also brought two special guest to the stage: one student of RUM and Pedro Capo another singer and songwriter.

“It was worth the wait…I had so much fun. I hope RUM organizez more activities like this”, condluded Lorilmar Palomares.

The commitie did a good job. La Gran Fiesta Colegial was a success and people who attended had a good time. 2011 will be a year worth remembering.

Kany Garcia and Pedro Capo in their presentation at the Gran Fiesta Colegial

Kany Garcia and Pedro Capo in their presentation at the Gran Fiesta Colegial

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