The Dark Side

By: Rafael Melendez Gomez

Ever thought what’s out there? Ever looked out to the stars and let you mind wonder; where are we? What are we; how did we get here? Funny story! You are not the only one who thinks like that. There are many others just like you; and some even make this their work. Astrophysicists make their life work out of these questions. October 18 marked the second out of the three open conferences of the renowned science community in the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez-Campus (UPRM).

A group made up of math and physics teachers with the sole purpose of expanding and sharing their knowledge with the community coming together in a forum. They where answering questions from anyone who could be interested in the field of astrophysics.

This second meeting had the theme of perception. How we humans perceive the universe.

The universe, as big and empty as it is, changes. As observers of this reality, the human mind modifies the way it sees the cosmos. The science community as a whole has created and challenged many theories, made various tools and gadgets with the task of observing our celestial brothers and all the while evolving and improving the understanding of the universe.

”We are the universe observing itself” Dr. Erick Roura Davil.

Science is a very powerful word with a great importance on daily life. It blends the beuty of nature and the craving of knowledge that ever human desires. To find the how’s of life, by deduction and experiment, by careful thought and analysis. Science is a virtue and the most powerful thing it has is its ability to change and evolve. Science does not claim to have all of the answers, but that gives it its life. It challenges itself. To create a better future and better understanding. And that is what this meeting of the science community and the public is all about.

“At first” the meeting went on, “We thought that we were the center of the universe” said Dr. Erick Roura. “And to think today that the world is flat now would be really silly”. But that was the realty at that time. That was the way people saw the universe. As simple it may sound.

Right then humans started exploring, succumbing to the curiosity that is nature. Renaissance, The Science Revolution, changed perception once again. The very act of observation, calculation we came to the conclusion that the earth was not flat, Galileo got the tittle of a heretic by claiming that the earth is not the center of the universe. Technology changed and brought progress, which meant more freedom of thought and easier pursuit of the truth. Soon great scientist like Newton and Einstein started creating theorems and rules that govern the whole universe and our reality changed again.The UPRM professors passionately depicted all of this in the talk. What we all accept now as a reality. Special Relativity, a Dynamic universe, a Big Bang Theory, and the visible universe. Might change once again, and it’s going to continue altering itself until we find a truth. We can see that we are neighbors to millions of galaxies. We have the tools to observe to an instant of the begging of time. What we thing right now might be not all right. But the genius of the human mind will strive to better and battle for what is right and true.

Big Bang
How we percive the universe today.

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