Lights, camera and action! And what Behind Cameras?

By: Michael Bayrón

November 12, 2011

Nathasha Bonet Velazquez answering her final question in Miss Puerto Rico Petite 2010.

Behind every person there is a story and this is not an exemption for Nathasha Bonet; only 17 years, what she has accomplished significant goals in her life. Most teens her age still do not know what they want to study or want to do in their life or even worse think about the future is still far. But Nathasha has everything planned  “As a child I, began to feel incredible love for the arts. I wanted to be famous; I wanted to show the world all I can give her with my charisma and even today does not change.”

She began dancing in a dance group formed by her friends. None of them had professional experience; they did it intuitively. That was before a dance ballet director saw her dancing and wanted to have her in her academy. She then took classes with different international ballet teachers and danced in several acts as “Dracula”, “El Cascanueces” and “Carmen”; in all of them she had an important role. As part of the agency, she presented in different theaters across the island, like Centro de Bellas Artes de Santurce and El Yagüez. At 13 she had already traveled to Spain to compete representing Puerto Rico in a folkloric dance while winning the first place. She also traveled that year to Pennsylvania to take intensive classes in Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (CPYB).

At the same time she danced and trained, she started modeling. After her career as a dancer ended she focused on modeling most of her time. She did campaigns for Sears and magazines publishers in “Atrevida”. At 16, she decided to represent Rincon in a beauty pageant, Miss Puerto Rico Petite 2010, an event dedicated to Puerto Rican women petites between 16 to 25 years. “ It was a very nice stage of my life. Many people at first didn’t believed in me because of my age but through the event I showed that I had the maturity and most importantly the passion to do things.” Taking the third place and the affection of the public, Nathasha was pleased with her work. “After the pageant, I decided to take a break, since the pressure exerted on me was to much.” at the same time she was competing, she was the President of Student Council and also the President of her graduating class; not forgetting her excellent grades.

Nathasha is a student of journalism at the University of El Sagrado Corazón located in Santurce. She studies acting in her free time, “It is another pretty stage I am experiencing. I’ve already danced and modeled and this was what I was missing”. With so little time in the environment of the acting, she came up and had the opportunity to interview the singer Miguelito at the premiere of his film “Nadie sabe lo que tiene” and be the official spokesperson for the program.

Her long-term plans are to finish her bachelors and do her masters in the United States. She is well aware that there are chances that she has to live off the island and the place she prefers to live is in Miami since it is “more Latino”. In addition, there are many opportunities in Latin television. “No matter what I end up doing in life, to me the most important thing is that I feel passion about it.”

Behind cameras, Nathasha is sincere young women, very outgoing and organized. She likes helping others with their talents virtues. She has always received support from her friends and family. “My mom is the person that stands out; she’s like my manager. She is always looking for jobs and encouraging me do things right. We have many discussions, but at the end of the day, it is she who is always there” she said in laughter.

“The best advice I can give to young kids who have a goal in their life is: always be you and never give up on your dreams”.

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