“RUM Health Fair”

By: Raymond Vega

October 27, 2011

Prevention: that was the principal motive for ninth health fair that was celebrates at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus. More than a dozen college employees attended the event at the square of the tennis court. This fair was organized by the department of medical and nursing service. Is prevention the first aim of the fair, but what is the accomplishment of this annually fair? The accomplishment is that the employees of the University take care of their health, whether they do not have the symptoms, with the provided test they can know how their body is: whether they have high pressure, or pre-diabetics. With the fair, the employees do not have to go to the doctor to have results and to lord a day of work, because the university offers the service and now they already wait for the fair year by year. “It is a beneficial for the university and for the employees because they do not have to pay deductible and for the enclosure because they do not have personnel absences” said Lourdes Ayala, Director of Enlace con el Personal.

With the purpose of creating consciousness and providing to their employees a good education in prevention possible conditions and diseases, this fair was the 11th edition. According to Daniel Echevarria, formal worker in the campus, the fair is one initiative of the federation of Labor Employees which show their compromise with the health and the welfare of the administrative personal that receive yearly this service. As you have been able to see the colleagues support the activity by attending and follow their work motivated because the administration supports them.

A lot of providers gathered at the site to offer various clinics and provide guidance. This year the event integrated new services like: acupuncture, prostate cancer screening and massages. Also, participants had the opportunity to visit the clinic offers by Peres Hospital And Good Neighbor bus tour offers by Walgreens Co. where patients could be tested for glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, body mass index, bones densitometry and waist circumference. In addition, the Nurse Department enrolls the employees that were interested of being part of the weight control program. The participants agreed that the fair is a great benefit because the administration gave them the opportunity to prevent various diseases without leaving work or incur in medical expenses. This year for the first time, “El Instituto de Banca y Comercio” joined the fair and provided haircut and manicure services. According to the organizers, this component was integrated because the look that a person have is a fundamental part of a person’s physical health. The fair also had the support of other entities as the Insurer MCS and the association of brotherhood of exempt employees no docent and docent of RUM. “It’s a great fair because the employees that are committed to the University do not take the time to make the necessary test to know how their health is and the administration gives us the opportunity do to it without missing work one time every year. Also, the fair enable us to do the test without an economic impact to the employees” said Gabriel Anglero, former employee at plumbing department.Free clinics, screening tests, physicals tests, exhibitions, guidance on health plan coverage and distribution of information on preventive health.


Free clinics, screening tests, physicals tests, exhibitions, guidance on health plan coverage and distribution of information on preventive health.




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