Getting to Know our History

By: Bianca T. Caraballo

On Thursday, November 17, 2011 an event was held in the auditorium of the Administrations Building. It was from six thirty to nine thirty. The Political Science Association was in charge and made it all possible.

“Presentación Libro: Santiago Polanco Abreu: Compromiso y Verticalidad por su lucha por Puerto Rico”. The presentation of the book was in charge of four students. They were Luis Balbino Arroyo, who is a law student and is an alumnus from the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez. Another student was Mikail Blanchovitch, who is a student of finance and also the President of the Student’s Council of the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez. Also making their presentation were Gabriela Luciano and, Mariela Martínez, both students from Political Science.

Each of the four students had their time to express and to talk about the book. They of course had to read it and point out what was more important to them and what was outstanding. They said it was difficult because they found it hard to really concentrate on one thing in particular, when the book in all is very important and has great value.

The students were chosen because they are part of the best students in their concentrations. They were referred by their professors to this job, because they knew they would be great at it and deliver the message of the book. They did an exceptional job.

In the event the guest of honor was Attorney Héctor Luis Acevedo, who is the editor of the book. Its publisher was the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico.  This book talks about the inspiration that Santiago Polanco Abreu brought on to those who knew him. The book also contains testimonies, essays and other content that referred to the Puerto Rican legislator and politician’s career.

Santiago Polanco Abreu was dedicated to declare the Puerto Rican identity and justice. These pieces of information were made possible to the editor by Polanco Abreu’s family, as well as the people who knew him who wanted others to know his fight for what he thought it was right and also the people who get to knew him.

Polanco Abreu was inspired and had great respect for Luis Muñoz Marín’s leadership and his work for Puerto Rico. He also occupied many positions in politics, where he served Puerto Rico. He was the President of the Chamber of Representatives; he was also Resident Commissioner in the United States and was the youngest member of the Constituent Convention. He was much focused on bringing justice and establishing the identity of Puerto Rico.

The editor of this book, Héctor Luis Acevedo, is well known for graduating with honors from Law School. He was also named Electoral Commissioner in 1976, and also he was the assistant of the Governor Rafael Hernández Colón. In 1985, he became the Secretary of State and later that year became the President of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD).This book contains testimonies, essays and other content that referred to the Puerto Rican legislator and politician’s career.

The students that were in charge of presenting this event were Patricia Silva Irizarry, who is part of the Student Council in RUM and Alberto Morales Rodriguez, the Vice-President of the Political Science Association. Both presenters are students from the University Of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez.

“This book was made with great effort and with the support of everyone, which is why it came out so good”. Everyone that attended this event gained knowledge and learned from this experience. Héctor Luis Acevedo was also pleased with the participation of the students and for attending such an important event.

This book is treated with great respect because of the information it holds, which is very important to the Puerto Ricans. It shows the struggles to make Puerto Rico a better place to live and to finally achieve what it deserves.

This event really went beyond everyone’s expectations. It allowed the students to not only talk about what was in the book, but also to share their opinions about it. It made this whole activity interesting and relevant to what’s going on in Puerto Rico.

In this event, the auditorium was filled with students, mostly from Political Science but there was a good variety of students from other concentrations that really wanted to learn. Its presenters did an extremely good job and were prepared for any kind of situation that was presented to them. It was an event that really took time to prepare and was worth it in the end.

When Héctor Luis Acevedo was asked about his book, he said “I’m more than pleased with the outcome; it was time for everyone to know who he was and also learn from our history”. He said these words when he stood on the podium to talk about the book, with a great smile and a face of satisfaction.

These are some of the students that attended the event. On the podium Patricia and Alberto, are presenting the students that were going to talk about the book.

The editor of the book, Héctor Luis Acevedo is the one in the suit. The rest of the students are part of the Political Science Association.


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