A blend of Two Worlds

November 28th by Bernard Aanonsen Galarza

Among the thousands of students in the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez (UPRM), it is impossible to know the story behind each and everyone one of them. This is a shame considering many of them have amazing stories, and such is the case of Ishtar Viveka Rosario.

Born in October 4th 1995 in Carolina Puerto Rico, at first sight Ishtar would be perceived like just another regular student, which would do her a disservice as there are many factors surrounding her life that are quite intriguing. The first thing one might notice is her peculiar name, Ishtar comes from Assyria and it is actually the name of the goddess of love, war and fertility in Assyrian culture. Her middle name is a Sanskrit word and it stands for discernment a word that implies wisdom, something that she does indeed possess.

At the young age of 12 years her father took her from middle school and decided to teach her via home schooling. However this would not limit her to just taking classes at her home, during this time she would take classes at the UPRM. At the age of 12 she took a Mathematical Reasoning class and she was the second best student out of 68. During this period of time she would also take Intermediate English, Pre-Calculus, Spanish, etc.  When asked if she regretted taking home schooling she replied: “I do not regret it as I don’t really consider it to be homeschooling due to the fact that I actually took classes at the University. Besides that it actually helped me create a proper study base that has helped endure the many hardships of college.”

At the age of 15 she finally entered the UPRM as a full time student with her major being Physics; however she would quickly change to Comparative Literature. When asked about the motivation behind her change she replied that although she loves math and physics her real passion is art and culture.

This leads to Ishtar’s other side, her love for culture. During her spare time she enjoys activities such as singing, writing poetry and short stories and dancing. She uses these hobbies as a way to express her feelings as she normally tends to be reserved. Siarelis Ramirez a friend of Ishtar says: “She possess a lot of talent and a big passion for dancing. If she focuses well enough she could be very successful in it.” She is also a member of the “Academia de Ballet Teatro de Cabo Rojo” and recently performed in an activity held at the “TeatroYaguez” in Mayaguez by the ballet academy on Saturday 26. The event consisted of three acts in which there were different ballet performances. The first act was a ballet recreation of the classic tale of Cinderella, there was no dialogue and everything was represented through gestures and dancing. Ishtar participated in this act as one of 16 butterflies who performed a unique dance right before Cinderella’s dance with the prince. Later on she also participated on the third act which consisted of contemporary ballet dancing.

All of this ties with Ishtar’s cultural duality.  From a very young age not only was she taught Puerto Rican culture but Indian culture as well. This was due to the fact that her father practices an Indian religion known as GaudiyaVaishnavism. Although she does not practice the religion per se, she does believe in some of the religion’s ideals such as vegetarianism among other things. Through this she has learned a lot about the Indian culture and she will often times practice some of their festivities and traditions. She joyfully proclaims: “My life is made of a mixture of two worlds or cultures.”

Finally, Ishtar’s plans for the future are to one day become a teacher. Beyond her desire to teach lies a more personal motivation to this goal. When she was young, her father had planned to put her in an all girls Hare Krishna Boarding School at Alachua when she had reached the age of 13. Sadly by the time she was 10 the boarding school closed and this frustrated her. Thus she decided to become a teacher in hopes of one day opening that school to provide others the opportunity she lost.

An admirable goal, although she would gently dismiss the compliment as her driving motto is: “A good deed is not contemplated, but accomplished.”


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  1. Hector Rosario said,

    December 26, 2011 at 12:00 pm12

    Thank you for sharing this. I just wanted to clarify that Ishtar was born in San Juan, not Carolina: Hospital Presbiteriano. I just like to be true to facts. 🙂

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