Aqua: More than a Circus

Dancing waters at Aqua: Beyond a Circus

December 6, 2011

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Aqua: More than a circus

By: Sashelly Vargas and Rocío Vergara

According to the company website, Famma Events is an entertainment company that was founded 22 years ago in Puerto Rico. It was created by Josantonio Mellado and Antonio Dominguez. Furthermore, the entertainment company has been the largest one in Puerto Rico since then.

The latest event that was carried out by Famma Events was Aqua: Beyond a Circus. From November 10-20, the circus took place in the “Palacio de Recreación y Deportes” at Mayagüez. The event was created with a whole new concept of water entertainment.

This circus involved acrobats, dancers, clowns and also dancing waters, since the circus was made with the concept of water entertainment. “This was an idea from a long time ago, but originally José “Pepo” Barrera, a Puerto Rican, came with this idea and called it: Aqua,” said Antonio Dominguez, the producer of the event.

Dominguez explained that all the concept of the circus is based by water because without water we cannot live. However, not all the performances in the circus were related with water. It also had a majestic stage with precious liquid and glamorous curtains, according to the company website.

Aqua was composed of 25 artists from outside of Puerto Rico; they were from Spain, Russia, Chile, France, Italy, England and Germany. The participants were: the ‘Calugas,’ “Duo Freedom,” Karishma, Rafael de Carlo, “Mr. Fuego” (in English Mr. Fire), Laura Miller, Fang Yang, among others. In addition to the performers, Famma Events counted with over 50 employees working in and off stage.

For the presentation at Mayagüez, the producer of the event, Dominguez said: “We had more artists, but because of some personal situations they needed to leave.” Therefore, for the event there were some acts missing. Despite the setbacks, the event was still a tremendous success and there was good response from the people that did attend the event.

Aqua: Beyond a Circus required a lot of money to be done, that’s why it needed a lot of promotion. Dominguez explained that although the economy situation is bad, people wanted to see this circus because it’s something different.  Besides, this event is going to take place in Dominican Republic, Brazil and Venezuela.

The magnificent event started with some video of real natural disasters, like the tsunami, playing in the background while Karishma sang. Dancers started with the flow of the sound of water crashing in the island, as tsunami, covered by fog over them.

Soon after was an incredible act with Mr. Fire; it was a mix of fire tricks and magic. It made some illusions of magic with some sparkles as water. In addition, Mr. Fuego came to the public and performed some magic with some people that attended, making the crowd laugh.

Mr. Fire got down from stage to choose someone from the audience, approaching mainly to seniors from the arena chairs. Then he begins to make fun of them, which left the audience in suspense because they could not figure out his motive. The motive was the ability he had by taking off the seniors belts and watches without anyone noticing it.

The ‘Calugas’ clowns showed up next making the multitude of people laugh from the very beginning to the end of their performance. They were three clowns, two of them start singing “Avemaria from David Bisbal” making it sound bad, so the boss clown kicked out the first clown (the one that sang first) from the performance and then they went behind the curtains of the stage making it sound like the boss clown killed the first clown. At the end, the last clown that was about to be “killed”, got out of the scene and came back running because he killed his boss instead of the boss killing him; everybody started laughing at the hilarious turn of events.

The clowns were from Chile and this show was like an imitation of a reality show like “Idol Puerto Rico” in which the clown that sang badly was punished. The public started laughing when one of the clowns was going to be punished and said “You are worse than Topy Mamery” referring at the judges of Idol Puerto Rico.

Later the ‘Calugas’ showed up again with their last performance. The boss clown in this act was presenting other people, but the ones that appeared on the stage were the other two clowns. In this act, one of the clown said that he wanted to participate by singing or dancing “rap,” but this clown actually did not knew how to dance or sing. The other one response to every question made was “yo soy amigo de él” (in English, I am his friend); the crowd laughed every time he said that.

   This group, the ‘Calugas’ said that they were acting in this circus since it started in Sept 15 in San Juan. To be clowns for this event was not hard because they have several years of experience; therefore, they decide what entertainment act they were going to present.

The clown in the left saying: "yo soy amigo de el," in the last act by the Calugas.

According to the ‘Calugas,’ “being clowns and entertaining the public is what they love to do.”

           The amazing performances of the ‘Calugas’ were followed by Laura Miller, Rafael de Carlo and the acrobatics duos. Damaris said that Fang Yang, winner of the Record Guinness by creating the largest soap bubble in the world, was also participating in the circus. He made one impressive bubble very colorful with a “bubbles into another bubble.” Yang made big bubbles with little ones inside of the big ones, he made bubbles with fog inside and make longest bubbles too.

After some of the magnificent performances came the principal cast of the circus, the dancing waters. Very impressive, colorful dancing water was on display in middle of the stage. Then came a couple who danced with the dancing waters and the audience were impressed with the outstanding performance.

There’s no dancing water in Puerto Rico, so that’s why they made it exclusively for this circus, stated Damaris in an interview with Mellado. Also, Damaris said that the event was created to be like a “palace of canvas”, designed in Italy.

For that reason, there was good feedback about the event Aqua: Beyond a Circus. You could see everyone that attended the marvelous circus enjoyed and laughed with the entertainers. Also, parents bought colorful wands, bubble guns, swords, and other gift items for their children.


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