Inside the life of a model

Aurelie modeling in the Elite Competition

By: Angel D. Cintrón/Giancarlo D. Fraticelli

Aurelie Cindy Arnould Jaouen was born March 8th to a humble French family. On the honeymoon of their parents, they came to Puerto Rico, and they loved it so much that they decided to stay. Her parents moved to Palmas del Mar, Humacao, where her father started working as a chef in two different restaurants Chez Daniel and Tapas and her mother as a hostess for both. Not long after she was born she started modeling and she loved it. Aurelie’s mom always wanted to become a model. When she was young she tried out but she couldn’t because of her height. Her Dad always supported the modeling of both his wife and daughter, but expected Aurelie’s academical development to be good as well. He is very proud of what both his wife and daughter have accomplished.

When Aurelie was 13 she went to New York to pursue her mom’s ambition becoming a model. She participated in a contest while she was there. In the International Modeling Talent Agency (I.M.T.A.), she placed 1st runner up. Although she did not win, this had a big impact in her modeling career. The emotions she felt and the feeling of being on stage made her feel confident and strong. After her trip to New York she signed up in a model agency in Puerto Rico for the first time, D’Rose were she hoped to continue her modeling career. A couple of years went by and after a couple of shootings and runways; she felt she needed an upgrade, so she joined Desiree Lowry. This was the 2nd modeling agency she signed up for. She did not like this agency at all due to the bad reputation and it was not a helpful instrument for her development in modeling. She left not so long after joining.

In 2007 she joined Única-modeling agency where she truly began her modeling career. This was the most intense and most interesting agency she had joined yet. She developed and sharpened her skills, and she grew as a true model. That same year, she competed in the covergirl competition where she placed 3rd finalist, and after this she stopped for a time. She returned two years after for another competition, “La cara de imagen” in 2009 where she placed 3rd finalist. Not long after in 2010 she competed in the Puerto Rico high fashion week, which is the most important week of modeling in PR. She modeled Liza Capalli’s dresses, a very well recognized designer.

Then in 2011 Aurelie modeled in ELITE a well-known modeling competition where she finished top 15. After this she was chosen to compete in the Baker’s campaign where she won. She has modeled some of the most famous designer dresses like: Jose Karlo, Janira Maldonado, Sofia Arana and Jaer Caban, all designers from Puerto Rico who are well known. Aurelie has a tough time looking for shootings and modeling competitions because of her height. In the modeling world, height is the most important criteria since the dresses are designed for tall women and although the dress can be rearranged for smaller models it will not look the same, but Aurelie never lets this bring her down. She returned to Única in 2011 to polish her skills by practicing her photo shooting and runway modeling, even though her height she still pursues her dream of being a model.

In Puerto Rico modeling is not that developed and does not pay well. For what you could get modeling in any other place, Puerto Rico is not even close to what they should be getting. It is a hard career to follow but she is determined to pursue her modeling career. Aurelie is currently studying in University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez campus, she studies social sciences but she really wants to try out pediatric psychology, although she has a passion for modeling, she also likes this field of medicine. She has several appearances in different magazines from Puerto Rico like: Imagen, New Condado, El Nuevo Dia and Primera Hora, she has mainly modeled wedding dresses for these. Aurelie’s finds her modeling inspiration in her mother and Kate Moss, who struggled with her height in modeling career but didn’t give up and could achieve what she wanted and now is a well recognized model.

On November 2011, Elite Model PR Finale was occurring and Aurelie was one of the 50 finalists. This competition was held in “El Centro de Convenciones” in San Juan. On August they choose 500 girls to participate in this modeling competition. Each month they eliminated a certain group of girls because they weren’t the type of “Elite Model” the judges were searching.

Aurelie said, “The lights, million of people watching, being the center of attention, having a nervous break down, anxious to step to that catwalk and a bunch of photographers around you snapping each move you make. All of these crazy emotions make me love, enjoy and desire modeling each day more, also each month the girls took photo shoots to see how our bodies changed through the competition and how much we improved as models”. The first part of the competition was an interview with the judges. After that they were taken backstage for hair and makeup. The time came, for the chosen ones to step to the cat walk and show the judges what they were made of and who was going to be the top model at the Elite Modeling competition. They first chose the top 15 and Aurelie was one of those finalists. After that she was eliminated from the competition. Aurelie said, “Even thought I didn’t get to win I was very happy with myself and proud because I never thought I will be in the top 15. Modeling is my passion, my life and my hobby. I really love every single detail of modeling and being exposed like that. Being a model has helped me grow, get to know my self better and being able to get over my phobia, stage fright. This experienced, the Elite Model competition, is the best experience yet. I made friends and enjoyed every single moment of the competition with them”.


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