DJs: Behind The Decks

By: Arnaldo G. Nieves Vázquez

DJ Shaylom's DJing console


It’s 2011 and people still enjoy going to a great party! And where there is a great party, chances are that there is a pretty good DJ on the stage that night.

Lately there has been a ‘boom’ in the rise of upcoming DJs who specialize in the ‘Electronica’ genre. When asked about his opinion about this, DJ Shaylom replied: “Nowadays everyone wants to be a DJ, it’s become more like the new trend.”

DJ Shaylom has been in the DJ business for over a year now and has been a resident DJ at Chillin Bar & Grill at Mayagüez since the beginning of August this year. Some of his most successful parties include: The Euro Vibe, Under Glow Electro Party and recently, Electro DJ Battle.

Here in Puerto Rico most, DJs are having a hard time getting booked for gigs if they are not already well known in the DJ community. “It’s so much harder getting a gig on this island than over there in the ‘States’ (U.S.A.); there’s less competition and enough parties for everyone,” DJ Naru Roach commented. DJ Naru Roach, from San German, is known more for mixing his own original tracks and creating his own events like DJ Shaylom.

A successful DJ career depends on how high that DJ’s reputation is; the higher the reputation, the more successful the DJ will be. And what easier way to build a DJ’s reputation than a competition or ‘DJ Battle’ with other DJs?

The private school, S.E.S.O., hosted a DJ battle in campus on Friday, Oct. 14, 2011 called ‘PaloozaCITY: The Ultimate DJ Battle.’ This event had prizes for the top three DJs but “my biggest prize was watching the crowd cheering and dancing to my music,” said DJ Shaylom after winning first place in the DJ battle that night.

Both DJ Shaylom and DJ Naru Roach, along with six other DJs, participated in a recent event, created by DJ Shaylom himself, called ‘Electro DJ Battle.’ This DJ battle took place on Friday Oct. 21, 2011 at Chillin Bar & Grill. “The purpose of this event was to have more DJs acknowledged in the community without having to struggle completely on their own,” DJ Shaylom said.

But what is it that makes a good DJ? What tips can be recommended to new upcoming DJs? According to DJ Master Course, a good DJ looks confident while mixing and interacts with the crowd.

A good DJ plays a good set and DJ Cruze says: “the best way to make your DJ set flow is to know your records or CDs.” Playing songs randomly without knowledge is very risky and not recommended.

According to DJ Master Course, good DJs are basically very sociable and usually are the first to arrive and last to leave parties. This way they facilitate building their fan base and are more able to stay connected with that fan base they have created.

Another tip for new upcoming DJs is to ‘read the crowd,’ play songs that the crowd will enjoy. “If the crowd doesn’t like a track, then they will vote with their feet,” DJ Cruze said.

Finally and probably the most important of all, good DJs will always practice and try to learn something new whenever they can because “average DJs practice until they get it right and only the very best DJs practice until they can’t get it wrong,” says DJ Master Course.

People dancing and cheering on the DJs at Electro DJ Battle


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