Puerto Rican Culture in Human Resources Management with Dr. Justo Mendez Colon

By: Adriana Rodriguez Irizarry

April 12, 2012

Dr. Justo Méndez Colon. He visited the campus on March 15 to talk about the puertorican culture in the Human Resources Management area. In the conference he quoted some famous Puerto Rican poets.

Wednesday, March 14, SRHM, the Society of Human Resources Management from ADEM of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez presented a conference about the department of human resources management in the Puerto Rican culture, a very relevant theme for Puerto Rican society. The lecturer for the conference was Dr. Justo Méndez Colon. This man is considered one of the best orators that Puerto Rico have. The conference was directed and presented by the Dr. himself.

The conference started with the co-advisor of the association, Dr. Carmen Figueroa, giving the welcoming to Dr. Justo Méndez and also reading a brief biography of him. After that introduction by Dr. Carmen Figueroa, Justo, because he dislike when people refers to himself as a “Dr.”, said that his conference was going to be about “Who are the Puerto Rican and what are we based on”, quoted Justo. At the beginning of the conference he specified that he does not believe in the protocol at all, or as he like to call it “el chaquetón”, which stands for the jacket of a man suit. He says, “Everything that starts with a protocol turns out to be strict, I do not consider myself a strict person, so I am going to take of “mi chaquetón” and make this conference the most casual as it can be”.
Justo has dedicated his life to study the Puerto Rican society, because he thinks that to be someone in this life you must know your culture and society. Most of the conference was based on his life anecdotes. He mentions tons of them but the most shocking is the story of his childhood. Justo Méndez was an orphan and homeless most of his childhood. Méndez says that “life is the best lesson that anyone can ever have”. But with all this he was always a positive person, “The mayor roles of success in my life were destined for when I was older, since all my childhood was full of suffers, sadness and loneliness”, he quoted. For his way of thinking was the reason the association SRHM of the College of Business Administration at RUM choose him as the perfect lecturer for this conference.

During his conference at the Auditorium in ADEM. Dr. Justo Méndez Colon talked about how hard was his childhood as a homeless person.

Agüeybana Del Valle, the public relations specialist of the association, was the main person behind this conference. He organized and scheduled everything from the auditorium, the lecturer, and the professors. He is basically the contact between the world and the association. Del Valle was the one that introduce Dr. Justo Mendez to the public in the auditorium at ADEM.

When I asked Agüeybana what was the main reason for this conference, he said that “As a human resources management student it is important to know how this career works in a specific culture, especially if it is your culture. This is important when you work in a place that involves meeting with different kind of people like in the Human Resources Management Department”.  He was happy because the activity went pretty well and he was really proud of the hard work that all the members of the association did to make this conference. During the conference the Vice-President of SHRM, Esther Aviles, was in charge of making sure that everything turned out right, since the president of the association could not be there because of health problems, but everything turned out better than expected and she, and every member of SHRM were happy because of this.

The others that were happy because of the success of the conference were the association advisor, Prof. Marta Colón de Toro and the co-advisor, Prof. Carmen Figueroa. They were proud of the work of their students.

For more information about the association and the members go to www.shrmcolegio.org


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