ACM-BA- dying or about to be born into a new era?

ACM-BA dying or about to be born into a new era?

By: Marcos Cruz

March 21, 2012

Format: Historical & Personality

The ACM-BA (Association for computing machinery-Business Administration Chapter) held its annual compulsory reunion to inform their members about the nominations for their new directive. The majority of the association had to be there, but this was not the case. The association today has 71 members and only 25 attended the reunion.

During the gathering, different members postulated themselves for the different positions for next year’s directive, it was shocking to see members postulating themselves and leaving the room two minutes later, and that shows the enthusiasm they have to be in the association. It was really disrespectful to see members leaving the room during the nominations. The atmosphere was  down; it felt like no one wanted to be there. The candidates were nominated and the elections are going to be on March 27, 2012 at AE -303.

The ACM is the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society with more than 100,000 members worldwide. It unites computing professionals, educators, and researchers from the industry, academia and government.

ACM strengthens the profession’s collective voice through strong leadership, promotion of the highest standards,  and supporting members’ professional development.

The Business Administration chapter is a group of the best under graduate students and ex-students majoring in Management Information System from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez (UPRM). It was established in 2005 and has been growing in significantly since then.  But members are not motivated to do activities at all.

There is still hope for a small group of members that want to make radical changes into the association and transform it. Those members are the ones who attend and motivate other members to go to all the activities; one of these members is Dean Perez Pagan.

Dean enrolled UPRM in 2007 and is studying Management Information Systems (SICI).  He was always determined on what he wanted to study. When Dean graduates he wants to become an analyst, system audit or a designer, he never wanted to be a computer programmer.

When it comes to his relation with the ACM, Dean entered in his sophomore year and that same year won all the votes to be the treasurer of the association. What kept him motivated to continue his labor was his friend and ex president of the association, Vashti Jaffrez; he did not want the association to fall, and Dean wanted to make a change.

Last year, there was no directive for the ACM. Dean knew every president of all the associations in Business Administration. Everyone encouraged him to run for presidency, and he got elected. His friend Brian Caban won the vice presidency.

In only one year, Dean Perez Pagan has accomplished through his presidency a lot of things like: tripling the numbers of members, and bringing workshops to the members that had never been in the faculty such as Linux workshops, data recovery, Adobe Photoshop, etc. In addition, Dean organized three activities of co-fraternization with other society members; he did activities that had not been seen in five years in the faculty, such like the security expo. In other words he pulled up the association from the floor.

President of the ACM-BA, Dean Perez Pagan said “A lot of people join the ACM-BA so they can use the name of the association on their resume to make it look better, that is a pretty selfish ideology on their hand; an association should work for a collective goal, not individual goals”.

Dean Perez and the ACM mascot Suheil Cardona organizing the openings for the positions of the new directive, everyone was shy to run for the positions. This activity was held in the Business Administration AE-303.

The Certificate Dean received during the oath day of all associations was a big moment for him and the association because he felt he is part of something really important and wants future members to take one step forward and do the same. He planted a seed that is already germinating and he desires that it grows into one big steady and tall three.

Sources for interview: Dean Perez Pagan- President of the ACM,Brian Caban- Vice President of the ACM.

Sources of additional information:  ,  Dean Perez Pagan.

Word count: 692


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