Dirty Beach

By: Karla de Jesus

Format:  Travel or Place 

April 12, 2012    

           Playa Sucia, in English Dirty Beach, is an ironic name for one of the best beaches found in Puerto Rico (PR) but the beach is not even close to being dirty at all. The name is given because in algae season it is covered in it; instead, it is a small, crystal clear beach which people tend to enjoy and bathe in, along with the beautiful view of the ocean and the heat of the sun.

As you are getting there, the place smells weird because of the salt dunes; nevertheless what you will find at the end is amazing. At the beginning of the road, you should buckle up and enjoy the ride because after the road ends, it starts to get bumpy. Here you are passing many vivid trees until the middle part, which becomes rocky and with many holes where you will find the Lord of the Rings movie like area of the sad trees. Once you are passing this part, the unpleasant smell begins to get strong and that’s when you know you are getting closer.

When you get there, to park the car close to the entrance, you need to be an early bird. Because of how amazing the beach is, many people visit it and Natural Resources Department comes in to close the path so it doesn’t get full and damaged or trashed. They protect it because of the wildlife habitat found there for many species of animals, mostly birds. As you are entering the beach, the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse is found at the right, between a large landscape of dried grass. With the natural pass way and a 10 minute walk, people get to it. If it is a beautiful day where the sun is shining at its best, the walk can suddenly become hot and long; but experiencing the horizontal view from that altitude is amazing.

The sand is very hot to walk on without shoes. But getting to the perfect shade spot, which can be counted with one hand, is a priceless beginning to a perfect day. Once you are settled, you can start the sunny beach day. Along with it, the tropical smell begins. With a mixture of salt water, the peculiar smell of the plants and the breeze with dusts of sand in it, this beach has its specific tropical smell. If you look straight to the horizon, you will encounter the extravagant natural picture of the horizon being in between the beach’s ends, like a bay; and to give it the last touch, the sun with its blond rays at the top.

If you keep walking to the left, the other end is a bay-type, small beach that people like to stand and get pictures with the landscape behind. The walk on the beach here is about 25 to 30 minutes from one end to the other. There are no words to explain the clarity of the water. Having the advantage to look through the water and see everything clearly is the place where taking a dive is really worth it. “I love to come here and enjoy the day to take a break from studying and from my daily life. Coming here is like a therapy for me,” said Karla de Leon, a student from UPRM.

There is a wide space of sand where people can sit and relax to tan, walk or play sports. The tanning girls enjoy the heat and rays of the sun, chilling out sitting in their beach chairs, music and magazines.  The boys are the ones that during the day play some kind of sport like: football, soccer and some volleyball with the girls. It is very nice to take a walk while enjoying a refreshing drink and getting together with some friends. “It is common to see at least someone you know on a holiday because in those days is when many people like myself decide to go”, added Andres Pastrana, another UPRM student. This breath taking beach is for all ages, types, sizes and colors of people. Everyone is free to enjoy this kind of paradise; thanks to that, there is a very friendly environment found at the best Westside beach: with the greatest view, the amazing water and the perfect amount of sun in PR, Playa Sucia.



  1. April 18, 2012 at 12:00 pm04

    Interesting, you can be a touristic guide. Thank for promoting and focus my attention to go there.+

  2. junxian3 said,

    April 21, 2012 at 12:00 pm04

    Nice feature story! I would love to go there one of these days !

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