By: Hazel M. Kelly

When you are a kid it is common to hear the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” The majority of the kids already know what they want their future goals to be, and they tend to feel a great love for a profession in particular, but as the years go by that passion they once felt ceases to exist or simply does not become a reality. This is not the case of Vanessa Rivera, a young stylist at the age of 23, who already counts with over 10 years of experience.

“Since I was a kid I knew what I wanted to be, I felt a great passion for styling and fashion”, Vanessa said. Since the age of six, she began to show her passion for styling by cutting and combing her barbie doll’s hair. Not only that, but she wanted to prove that she was a professional hair stylist, thus at the age of seven she quietly took her mom’s scissors and gave her little sister a haircut.

“I wanted to cut everyone’s hair, so one day I told my sister I wanted to cut her hair butshe wouldn’t let me.  I took a piece of bubble gum and stuck it in her hair to see if she would change her mind”, Vanessa said. Although she was constantly grounded because of her extravagant cuts on her sister’s hair, she continued nurturing her dream of becoming a professional stylist. She had faith that with the help of God someday her dream would become a reality.

At the age of 12, with a little improvised hair salon in her house, Vanessa began to comb and cut the hairs of her mother, her sisters and other family members, not knowing that this would be the beginning of something big for her. After two years of experience in her house, Vanessa began to work in a hair salon cutting men’s hair and using the hair dryer on women. As the years passed, she begins acquiring knowledge and starts studying at Emma’s Beauty Academy, a private institution that provides education on cosmetology and esthetics.

Nowadays, Vanessa counts with hundreds of satisfied customers because of her fabulous styling at the salon, “Cuts by Carlito” located in the plaza, “Centro Novios” in Mayaguez. “I love my job and I feel great satisfaction when I get the job done and the customers are in love with their new looks,” Vanessa said. Attending courses, seminars, beauty fairs and studying magazines such as Ego and Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guidenot to mention the years of experience, is all the help she had to become the professional stylist of today.

This is Vanessa Rivera. “Beauty is like health, you have to take care of it! There is nothing better than looking and feeling good about yourself, as long as you see yourself beautiful everybody will see you beautiful”, said Vanessa.

For some people, their hair style defines who they are, this is the case of one of Vanessa’s customers, Jenny Lee Kelly. She said: “I love going to Vanessa, knowing that I will walk out completely different than when I walked in. It is important to change styles, feel different and prettier. I feel like a completely different person when I go through her hands.”

In her beauty salon, Vanessa counts with an infinite number of hair dyes, products, treatments and professional tools of excellency that gets the jobs done. Some of the services Vanessa offers are: hair coloring, strands, highlights, lowlights, haircuts for men and women, keratin, smoothening treatments and hair drying. Vanessa is also recognized for her amazing image changing styles.

For the benefit of those interested in changing their image, Vanessa counts with a picture gallery of some of her amazing works on her Facebook page:  This talented young woman is a fine example of when we want something in our lives, we can achieve it. What seemed to be a dream for her, nowadays is her reality. “Everything is possible if you have faith,” Vanessa said.

These are some of the image changes made by Vanessa Rivera. “There is no better satisfaction than seeing a smile on a satisfied customer”, said Vanessa.


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  1. lauramena13 said,

    April 24, 2012 at 12:00 pm04

    I liked the way that is organized. an the theme is interesting I see that is art and a form of expressing. love the picture !

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