“One More time The Heats exceed Expectations”

By: Laura C. Mena Albors

April 13, 2012

 On April 13, 2012 at 7.30 p.m. people of all ages and with white and red “Heat” t-hirts arrived at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. The Charlotte’s Bobcats faced the Miami Heat and were defeated 82-105.

 In each street intersection, policemen conduced traffic to keep everybody safe. Once in the Arena, the people sought for their seats and for food. In the seats people were buying popcorn, big cotton candy, beer and Miami Heat memorabilia.

The game started with the team’s presentations and all the fans cheered. The Bobcat’s presentation was simple but the Miami Heat’s presentation feature torches and videos of the players. The addition of these elements in the presentation caused emotion in the fans, who cheered the teams to have a good game.

The referee’s whistle sounded, the game started, and the Bobcats took possession of the ball. The first 2 points were scored by Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat; after the end of the first quarter, the Heat had taken the lead 19-33, the Heats up front. Bosh and James demonstrated their dunking abilities more than once, performing perfect dunks. 

“It’s my first time in a Miami Heat game, they are my favorite team. I enjoy the team’s score and I’m very happy of our victory today.” said Luis Mena a 11 years old Heat fan.

During the entire game, the Miami Heat were led by Lebron James’ 19 points, Chris Bosh’s 18 points and seven rebounds. The third star of the team, Dwyane Wade, was unable to play because of a sore ankle, but Dexter Pittman came off the bench and impressed both the fans and his teammates by scoring 16 points.

 During the match, the audience had the opportunity to participate in different games to win great prizes. One member of the audience, Tim, had the opportunity to win a cruise vacation with allexpenses paid, but he failed to win the game. He had to mentions all the video games that came to his mind in 30 seconds, and they had to be more than those Lebron James could mention. Tim only mentioned eight while James mentioned 14.

 A second member of the audience called Hellen participated in another game; the host asked her what was the movie of the scene that they presented. She answered correctly and she won one year of free movies “On Demand”.

  While the teams were at timeout planning their next plays, different presentations entertained the audience. One of the presentations was of the Miami Heat’s Dance Team. All the team were females and they performed a clean and perfect dance, they entertained the fans by dancing twice during the game.

 The Miami Heat Street Band also performed at the game. At half time break the Dance Academy performed an exhibition of their classes. The students performed in red and blacks uniform; this presentation included different dance styles like hip-hop, jazz, salsa and other latin dances.

 ESPN news informed the ball possession was 51% for the Heat and 44% for the Bobcats. The game highlights were by the Heat: Bosh was 8 of 11 from the field, breaking his record. This game was very significant to Bosh because it was his most productive one.

 Another highlight was of Joel Antony who played the game replacing RonyTuriaf and he scored 10 points and five rebounds. The downplays of the games were by the Bobcats team: their guard Augustin shot one out of seven tries from the field and their center, Byron Mullen, two out of nine.

 Both coaches were interview Nba.com News. Bobcats’ coach said that Derrick Brown had an outstanding game, and that this would open opportunities in his future. The Heat’s coach said that their bad game would help them not to be confident and work hard in each game, regardless of the opponent.

 “Since Bosh and James joined the team, the faith of Heat’s fan had increased. And the faith wasn’t the only thing that increased because, with them, the tickets price, the assistant and the sales of memorabilias did too”, said Luis Albors an ex-subscriber of the Heat court. After the game all the fans and the team left happy and excited about the victory that the team had.






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