UPRM cares for your health

By: Hazel Kelly & Veronica Rios

Caring for our health is essential, that’s why the community of the UPRM (University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez) decided to prepare a health fair for their students and teachers. “I found out by Face Book and e-mail” said Lisa Garcia, a nursing student. In the morning of April 26, 2012, in front of the Enfermery Building, they were already starting to put everything together. “This fair is very helpful to the students because sometimes we don’t have time to care for our health the way we should because of our busy lifestyles, they should do this more often” said Kharlos Pacheco, a business administration student who also attended the event.

The health fair started taking place inside and outside the Enfermery Building at 10:30 a.m. In front of the building, on the right side, they had white tents where they provided information, tests and orientation about the programs for mental and physical health. On the left side they had tents with information about natural family planning, commission for transit security, the FIESTA project (Facilitators, Instructors, In Security, Transit and Alcohol), ASSMCA (Administration of Services of Mental Health and Against Addiction) and a center for relieving the stress.

Each institution was represented by part of their work team and in the space they were given they had tables filled with all kinds of information about their services like pamphlets, surveys and promotional gifts. The FIESTA project provided useful glasses that people could put on to experience how a driver acts and feels under a 0.4 influence of alcohol. This provided a fun and useful way to reach out to people about the importance of why people shouldn’t drive under the influence of alcohol. Along with the FIESTA project, the commission for transit security provided information on the consequences of drunk driving like fines, jail sentences, license suspension and the process the person has to go through if the police find the person driving under the influence of alcohol.

On the other hand, The Family Planning program Chapter X of the UPRM offered countless educational information on different sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, HIV, gonorrhea, etc. In addition, the stress management clinic of the UPRM provided a lot of useful information for students on the different types of stress that exist, the different symptoms that people experience and how to deal with the stress. The last tent on the left side was the ASSMCA tent where they provided promotion for awareness on drugs and addiction and an anti-drug campaign.

On the right side, in front of the Enfermery Building they had tents with different companies offering their products or services. There was a HCOA Fitness tent, which is a gym in the area of Mayaguez. Their tent had a “zumba” fitness promotion, where they were selling t-shirts and had information about the different classes they offered in their facility. “It’s not the same thing to walk than to do a good exercise routine in a feel- good environment” said Jeysen, the instructor and promoter for HCOA Fitness. Next to HCOA Fitness there was a Sears Optical tent which gave free and instant eye tests to determine if you suffered from myopia or astigmatism.

Next to the fitness and eye care tents there was the Natural Slim tent which works with people who are obese or want to lose weight. People that were interested could provide their information and they could get a free evaluation and orientation in their center.  In the health fair they didn’t only provide information for the community, but they also had food. For this reason, products “La Aguadillana” had a tent next to Natural Slim where they made you go hungry with their pleasant smell of breaded fried chicken they were giving out for people to taste. Next to “La Aguadillana” there was a table put out for Mary Kay products, which are makeup and skin care products. Having this table was helpful because it’s good to look pretty but feeling pretty is more important because it deals with emotional health.

It seemed like all the fun in the health fair was taking place outside, but inside the Enfermery Building they had different tables with experts on health which were providing free examinations to the community. They were providing free clinics for HIV, Chlamydia, vision, dental, thyroid, glucose, vaccination and even yoga to help people relax. There was not as much commotion inside the building because all the tents and loud music were outside. However, as people were starting to take notice that the health fair was taking place, they went to explore everything inside and outside the building.

Doing these types of events is beneficial not only for the students, but also to everyone in the community who wanted to stop by, because these events are opened to everyone who’s interested in learning more about their health. “This health fair provided a chance for students to take notice on their health and they were very helpful with all their information.” said Kharlos Pacheco.

Some of the companies offering their products and services at the Health Fair that took place in the Enfermery Building on April 26. They gave out everything from pamphlets to promotional products.

The “Family Planning” program offering their services in the health fair. They’re located on the first floor of the Medical Services Building where they offer evaluations and orientations to the UPRM community.


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  1. Yelitza Nieves said,

    May 19, 2012 at 12:00 pm05

    That event sound like a hit. You really get me to the event. The next I will be prepare to assist because like you said we don’t have much time to care about our health.

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