Much more than just applications and technology

By: Anaximandro D’Oleo Reyes

On the night of May 2, 2012, La Huella Colegial was openly offering a conference about phone applications and websites. It was directed by Luis Ramos, student at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus (UPRM). This activity was organized by José Martínez Martínez, professor of the UPRM, who belongs to the Business Administration Faculty. The main purpose for this conference was to let know to students and the rest of the community, what is igenapps, its creation, how it works, and also how to use it.

The igenapps is basically an application to develop applications in a more easy, fast and economic way. This is a mobile app generator and a website where users, without any programming skills, can create personal or business applications using their Apple or Android mobile device. The campaign promotes to expose your personal business on mobile and online applications with three easy steps: designing, creating and sharing. Persons from 14 to 76 years have been able to use the application effectively, indicating that is an application easy to handle.

“The name is a combination of three elements: the “i”, meaning interactive, “Gen” as an abbreviation for generation and “Apps” for applications”, said Ramos. Another interpretation of the name is “iGen”, as in the new Internet Generation of young users. Also he mentioned that another idea for this application’s name was Apple Co. This iconic company products and devices, named by Steve Jobs (deceased chief executive of the Apple Company), start with an “I”, as iPhone, iPod, or iLife.

This application is product of the Xpous, a Puerto Rican company focused on graph design, web development, and mobile development. On March, 2011 this company was the winner of the first place of competition in technological innovation “Big Idea Contest,” one of the main events of the International Convention for the Telecommunications Industry. Norman Ortiz, executive director of the company, along with his colleague Ricardo Alcocer, were the creators of the above mentioned application iGenapps.

iGenapps product is now available for Apple on App Store. Xpous still working on the App and also it will be available soon for Android.

Luis Ramos also plays an important piece because, in addition to currently being the quality assurance manager, he was part of this great idea and its development. He is a student of Accountancy at UPRM, who has always been interested in cell phone applications, as well as computer apps, as he described himself “a freak of apple”.

The motivation for creating this application was to give people a simpler method for this. The process of creating an application is very complicated if a person has no knowledge of programming and system. It would lead months of searching on the web and spending a big amount of money and time to do so. Therefore, this youth group decided to create igenapps so that any person who wishes to have its own app could do it.

These young Puerto Ricans began to work with different websites, logos and mobile apps about 10 years ago. But it was not until two years ago that they began with the igenapps project. Initially they presented their idea to the apple through a process they require, opening an account that would cost $ 100 annually, for them to refuse project. But they didn’t give up and ask for a meeting to reconsider the proposal.

This product was launched at DEMO, convention of at Silicon Valley, Santa Clara. “It was a very hard process, which was supposed to last about two weeks and after about five or six months was that we finally could launch our application to the appstore, definitely the best day of our lives” mentioned the UPRM student. In addition to being one of the 80 campaigns presented there, the product proved to be a success and was highly acclaimed. Once in the convention, a British man approached to the Puerto Ricans to let them know how much their project had interested him, becoming the greatest investor iGenapps haves at present time.

Their office currently is at San Diego, U.S., and its server is located in Delaware. Despite being a Puerto Rican company, created and run by young people of the island, they has moved much of U.S., and has been recognized with awards such as the best application for iPhone and iPad.

In the past year, they have been carrying out various activities such as conferences, exhibitions and demonstrations to publicize their product. “From the beginning, people have given us really good feedback and thoughts about this project,” said Ramos. “But not all is success and money, there was a lot of effort and dedication to get here,” he added. This way, he closed with a positive message to young academics. Inciting them to follow their goals and strive to meet them, and don’t let anything to stop them because as it’s said, “the sky is the limit.”

Xpous Company, winner of the best idea contest of CTIA. Their product iGenapps has created a big impact on the application development, winning many other prices as well.


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