Cooling Station

May 10, 2012

Cooling Station

Javish Rodriguez Rivera


Off the shores of the tropical caribbean island of Puerto Rico, there is a place that transports you to the heart of a tropical rain forest. In here you will find a variety of plants and different animal sounds that makes anyone’s day, a magnificent one.

Gozalandia (Joy Land) is located in the city of San Sebastian. This city is in the west central region of Puerto Rico. The location of the city invites you to relax and admire the beauty that nature has to offer.

Getting to Gozalandia is actually quite easy, now getting to the different part of the area is another story. Especially if you are in a group and plan to spend the day here. Which means that you have to make a bag with cloths, food and beverages.

Once everybody is geared up and found a parking space, which are limited, the journey to one of nature’s best beauty begins. First the path to reach, a structure that is not in use, is made of concrete that has hills and slops. When walking through the path, an rich dense tropical forest scenery can be admired with trees that where blooming with red flowers.

When we reached the area that the structure was, it looked like an area that they started constructing but had stopped some time for now. At this point the concrete path finished and luckily for us we were with Wilmer Santiago Mercado a local resident of the area. He told us that that is many paths to get to the river depending which part we wanted to be, because there is an area that there is a big and small waterfall.

We choose to visit the small waterfall first and Wilmer lead the way. Our journey to the small waterfall was quite adventures, we had a cooler with drinks and food so we took turns while reaching our destination. The only difference from this path is that there was no concrete just nature.

As we walked we could see different plants like the palm trees and a variety of ferns, the most curious one was the fern that had pink and violet leafs. After a 12 minute walk we could hear the sound of the river. That last part of the path was a tricky one, so we supported ourselves with the branches and trunks of the trees and made it.

It was stunning, the area felt like a personal cove full of trees. One of the trees had a rope, which people used to dive. The water was crystal clear and felt very cold.

The walk was worth it. Wilmer said “This is way I love this part of the island, you can experience new things, relax and admire nature’s beauty”. People and tourist come from different parts to experience this place of the island.

As we stayed in the small waterfall area we could see tourist from Europe and United States of America taking picture of the area. Some of them came prepare to take a splash in the refreshing water other were just taking a hike through the area.

We packed our things and started our journey to move to the big waterfall. We started walking our way back and as we got near it happened as the same as walking to the small waterfall. The last part of the path was a tricky one.

When we got there it felt like being in your own unspoiled paradise. The diferrence with the small waterfall was that the big waterfall was open it didn’t had that cove feeling. The water was the same, but this area had long plane area of the river.

The plane area was exciting because you can fell the speed as the water flows. It looked like a big cemented path of river rock, wearing water shoes that are slipping resistance is a plus in this part.

At the area of the waterfall people that are adventurous could see a mini cave. The adventurous part is that to see it you have to hold your breath and swim under the rocks. Javier Rivera a resident of the city of Carolina said “That the cave is small but it is actually mini replica of a big cave.”

Gozalandia is a place where one can relax or have an adventure with nature. Javier Torres said “This is one of my best experiences of my life; I never thought that places like this existed in Puerto Rico. I would recommend any person to come here.”

If you are planning to come and spend a day at Gozalandia some of the things you might want to have are water shoes for the slippery river rocks and a light bag with some food and beverages.

The plane area of the river on the big waterfall area. It is made of river rock cemented together.

The big waterfall area. On the left is Wilmer Santiago explaining that under the rocks on the left is a mini cave.

The small waterfall area. People like to climb through the rock and then take a dive.

People like to use the rope on the tree and take a dive in the river.



  1. junxian3 said,

    May 24, 2012 at 12:00 am05

    Interesting! Been here once and I really enjoyed it!

  2. May 25, 2012 at 12:00 pm05

    So many memories on this feature. it was great to hear someone talk like that about a place so special for me as it is Gozalandia. other than that like your details all the pictures you took. Great feature.

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