Mechanics for life


It is a good feeling when you can collaborate for a good cause, knowing that little the help that you give can mean so much to another people. There are many activities for good causes but there is one very important here in the island, called American Cancer Society Relay for Life Event. This activity is celebrated throughout many cities on Puerto Rico and the United States, and also it was celebrated here at the Colegio on April 28 and 29.

The main point is to celebrate the people who have battled cancer, remember those who fought, and those loved ones lost, and to demonstrate the fight against the cancer. In this activity many groups or teams participate, and they are asked to have a representation on the field walking or running during the whole length of the event. This fundraiser acticity has a length of 24 hours.

There are some special traditions and moments on this event that really impact those who participated. One of them is called the survivors lap in which all the people is called to a circle on the track to celebrate the victories of those who had fought the disease and the goals reached to beat cancer.

In this day there is a very emotional lap called The Luminaria Ceremony, in which candles are lit to honor those who have been touched by cancer and remember the loved ones that were lost in this battle. The Fight Back ceremony is the one where people usually make personal commitments to be part of the fight against cancer and to help those who need it. As it is stated on their slogan “Lets create a world with more birthdays.”

This year Relay for Life was celebrated on the track of the University of Puerto Rico on Mayaguez, many groups participated for this awesome cause, that is mainly focused on those patients that have cancer, those who are fighting and those we honor to remember.  On the diverse group there was a group from mechanical engineering that they where also collaborating and helping during this weekend. Part of this group is the organization American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

They had a goal, which “Thanks to God we did not only reached it we passed it thanks to the effort and sacrifice the organization made to be part of this awesome cause” said Felix Bello a student from mechanical engineering, and also the ASME member that was in charge of organizing the team that represented ASME and the mechanical engineering students.

“This activity was divided on groups and specifically there was an estimated of 30 students on the booth of mechanical engineering replied Felix. “The activity was very crowded, the people were very motivated and we passed a good time,” replied Felix. There were approximately 300 people on this day, stated the members of ASME that participated.

The different organization that participated for this cause made their different activities to obtain the monetary donations they were giving to those who needed it most. Specifically ASME, they made different activities which included hot dog sales, sandwich sales, they made different seminars, some of those related to design programs used on mechanical engineering, and some for professional development fo a future engineers and professionals.

The celebration was varied because Mechanical Engineering was also celebrating their 100th year of education on the Mayaguez Campus on the University of Puerto Rico. This year ASME made different activities due to the celebration and one that cannot be unmentioned was the yearly ceremony called “Tuerca Awards” which is a co fraternization activity between many organization of Mechanical Engineering and the awards presented in a funny way to many students chosen by their unique characteristics.


The Athletic Track in the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus, where this year Relay for Life. As the sun is about to shine, lets there be more birthdays to celebrate.


Felix Bello and a group of some members of ASME that participated on the fundraiser activity. Serving to help other and expecting none from those they help.



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