Painting the world green

Painting is one of the many types of arts that are used to express ones thoughts and emotions, but not only that, it is fun. On May 3, 2012 a group of student did an activity base on that, where they put many art supplies so that anyone that passed by and had the time could paint whatever they wanted. Most of the used items were recycled as for the activity also had the purpose of informing people about recycling by using recycled item for art.

The activity was held in the lobby of the Computer and Electric department, Stephanie. It was a project for the class Appropriate Technology, INTD 5095; where 7 members of this class created the event to promote art and recycling in the university. Although it was one event the group were divided in two, one focus on art and the other on recycling.

People gathered around and started painting whatever they wanted. They are enjoying themselves, just relaxing and taking their stress away.

The art side of the event had the intension of using art as a mean to relax people and help them prepare for the finals exams by taking their stress away. Francisco Birriel, One of the art group member mention “since art doesn’t have much promotion in the university it is also a great way to help maintain art in collage vivid and fresh”. There were two big tables filled with papers, brushes and paints; where anyone who wanted could just go, grab a brush and start painting whatever they wanted. All drawings, if the artist didn’t want to take them, were put on display for everyone who pass could see them.  After painting, Francisco talked to the artist about the benefits of art and how they help us on a daily basis; like how music influence in people’s concentration and how visual arts stimulates retention. A young woman, after finishing her painting mention that it was a great help due to she had to do a capstone project later that day, and how much it helped her relax and prepare for the work to come.

On the other side was a big table where the recycling group was located. The table had many crafts curious items made out of recycling materials. There were details on recycling bins with their location around the university; one of the recycled items where use as a brush for painting flower, where the bottom part of a plastic bottle was use for painting flower petals. One of the members of the group painted a tree using his fingers and the bottle, as an idea to use recycling materials for art. Although there were many crafts and ideas for art, the group was more focus on informing people about where recycling bins where located around the university and to encourage them to recycle more of them.

Members of the student association TACU (Taller Artistico Creativo Universitario) were part of the activity too. TACU is and association dedicated on anything that has to do with art in the university. TACU assisted the art and recycling group members by helping them organize, with art supplies and promotion. Some members of the TACU association also took the liberty to paint and interesting art piece. The painting was made by several TACU members, each one adding a detail however they saw fit, the end result was a picture a bit difficult to describe for its many unusual detail, but that is what made it so interesting. The figure appeared to be a female character, it had an elephant trunk with a human face, and elf ears, one of the legs seems to belong to an animal, possibly an elephant and the other appeared to be human. The reaction of people around was a bit mysterious as they didn’t know what to think about the painting. It was really well drawn and painted, with many sorts of little detail; one could easily realize the experience the artist had.

Members of the TACU association painting after finishing the sketch of their unique drawing. People gather around to witness them paint.

One of the difficulties the group has was the preparation for the music. The original plan was to have music on the background while people painted. As one of the member mention, what better way to relax and enjoy themself than painting and listening to music at the same time. But due to the lack of time and the multiples university works, the musicians couldn’t be contact in time, so they didn’t have the time to prepare.

The members of the Art and Recycling project mention some of their plan they have for the next semester. They mention how they intent to recreate the event at least once a month. Not only focusing on painting, but on other arts like music, and theater   as for a research the members realize, of all the type of art those were what most people were interested. They also mention how they plan to create a galley for unknown artist to display their works, and also to create an art base center where anyone could go and practice art whenever they want. They have many ideas for the many semesters to come.

The event was rather shot, but seeing as how so many people were enjoying themselves it could be called a big success. Francisco Birriel said “It was a good and educative experience because people learned about art and their many benefits, and seeing as how much fun they had, we can’t wait to see what the next one will be like”. This is only the beginning of the many activity the groups have planned.


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