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Cool Story About Carlos’ Life

By: Estefanía Torres Marrero

When Carlos was thirteen he did not have good grades but a new female student came from United States to study in his school and he liked her and to impress her he started studying and getting good grades so he could impress her.  From that day on Carlos decided to keep up with the good work that he was realizing.

Carlos’ parents divorced and he stayed stay with his mother who would only speak English in the house that way Carlos was able to develop his English skills, and by the age of three he started in a bilingual, which he attended through high school.

Carlos A. Torres at age 17 with his mother enjoying delicious coconut water. He has lived his life with her and because of her Carlos learned good English.

You can see Carlos walking around in the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez campus hanging out with his friends always smiling and making others smile. If you talk to him you would probably laugh because he is hilarious, has an amazing sense of humor, and also an open mind for anything. He is always trying to take out the best of you: “To change the world you have to change yourself first.”

He was raised in Puerto Rico and lived with his mom and little sister. From age 17 he also started working at his dad’s bar. Even though his parents are divorced he will always count on them and because of that he is now studying in UPR-Mayagüez. Carlos likes to hang out but he always has his goals in mind; he wants to finish his bachelor and graduate here in Puerto Rico and maybe leave afterwards. “I would like to finish school and be successful in every goal I intend to accomplish”.

With his goals always in mind and always fighting to reach them Carlos’ will be a successful man. The road may be rough but he is always positive.