A casual guy with a big future by Miguel Hernandez Roman

A casual guy with a big future

By Miguel Hernández Román

Christopher González’ English professors in junior high and high school spoke mostly Spanish and didn’t focus on an English interaction in the classroom, even though he found their lessons to be a start to master, the language. He strengthened his knowledge by using the computer and literature as tools because he knew would be necessary along his professional career.

He was raised in a traditional nuclear family household at Mayagüez Puerto Rico, where none of his family members speak English.

Christopher is a casual guy with an open mind for most themes and is currently a sophomore at University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus. As the rush and work of classes increases over time so does his effort with it. Yet always stops for a moment to say hello to his colleagues and express a positive attitude among them.

When he finished high school in 2011 he received the admission letter from UPR Mayagüez, where he would began in August of the same year. He was admitted to the Biology Department in his first year but he wanted to be a mechanical engineer.  On the summer before his first semester started, he quickly made a request for an internal transfer to change majors. To his satisfaction it was done in no time.

His dreams are to finish the bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and continue master and doctoral studies either at the United States or Europe and finally work in the aerospace area. He is always keeping in mind that his English needs to improve along the way.

Self-confidence is a guide for a man who seeks to improve himself.Perseverance is the “consciousness”that will lead him to success.

“If you want to learn to speak English in a public school, do it by caring/ The system is there for you but you need to be there for the system.”- Christopher González

Christopher Gonzalez on his trip to New York with his family.In September of 2007 , it was the first time his English was his best “tool”, on “world” he feared but conquered.


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