Awesome Biography of Estefanía By Carlos Torres

Estefanía will accomplish her goals no matter what between her and her finish line. She is a strong and powerful woman who will not stop just because of the fear of consequences.

Awesome Biography of Estefanía

By Carlos Torres

When Estefanía was born her mother wanted to move out of Puerto Rico so that her daughter will speak English as a first language. But

Estefaníawas raised by a caringl and loving family.her parents decided to enroll her in a bilingual elementary school so she could learn English. Estefanía knows English because her mother is an English teacher. She made Estefanía watch television only in English so she could learn better pronunciation.

If you see Estefanía you will notice her passion for fashion even though she keeps it simple. You will notice that she is always listening to music and may seem unapproachable, but in reality if you approach her she is a very sociable and open minded woman. She tries to always be honest, even if it hurts, that’s one of the best qualities.

Estefanía has always lived in Puerto Rico with her mom, dad, sister and her grandmother. She attended a bilingual elementary school where she attended up to 9th grade. Then Estefanía applied to Centro Residencial de Oportunidades Educativas de Mayagüez where she was accepted and where she graduated from. She is now  a chemistry major at the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez campus. She accomplished all of this with the support of her parents.

Estefanía says she does not enjoy being in Puerto Rico and her plan is to continue her studies elsewhere. She believes that there are more opportunities elsewhere.

“My goal in life is to finish my bachelor’s degree in psychiatrist and open a mental hospital, because I want to help people with their mental illness.”



Estefanía being carried by her mother when she was 3 months old in her home in Aibonito. Estefanía’s mother influenced Estefanía to learn English because she is an English teacher.



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