Building a Future by Christopher L. González Rodríguez

  Building a Future

by Christopher L. González Rodríguez

 Miguel learned to speak English during his stay in private school; he graduated from Holy Trinity High School.  For Miguel, school planted the seed of English in him but the media made that seed grow up until today.  He always studying in private school and now he’s studying mechanical engineering at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez after discovering that physics wasn’t what he likes.

The first time Miguel tested his English skills was when he traveled to Florida. He was very happy because he knew that the time he spent in school wasn’t in vain.

            During a summer vacation Miguel traveled to Kissimmee, Florida, state to share with his family.  The first time Miguel traveled in summer 2007 he got his “training” in English; it was the best test for him to know if his English was good and he didn’t get disappointed; the media had taught him well.

            During the time that Miguel was in school he experienced much diversity of professors: some spoke English and taught it very well and some did not.  The media had been a great influence in the evolution of Miguel’s language.  Readings, TV, music, computer, etc, have helped Miguel to improve his skills in English.

At age 4, Miguel Hernandez began preparing to be a professional by taking his first step in school. His achievement day was coming soon and emotion captivated him.

            Miguel is studying Mechanical Engineering in the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez and he plans to be an astronaut or work with the NASA in the near future.  He knows that his job requires having a very good, almost perfect, domain of the language, so there still much practice for Miguel.

            “Nothing is difficult, you are the only obstacle,” is a quote that Miguel always tells himself and for sure it is a very inspiring one.


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