By: Paula C. Báez Santiago

From when she was in kindergarten, Patricia Flores began learning the English language and worked very enthusiastically to show her mom that she could speak English. Every time she got home from school, she would tell her mom that she wanted more homework and exercises so she could keep learning.

Patricia Del Mar was raised in Bayamón where she attended the American School since preschool through high school graduating with excellent grades, fully bilingual and with an amazing love for the English language. These accomplishments helped her get enrolled in the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez.

Patricia del Mar, at age 19, with her friends having an awesome time in her hometown at Bayamón. She still lives there with her family and always makes time to meet with her friends.

At first, Patricia looks just like any ordinary teenager in college at UPRM: wearing short jeans, studying, trying to get to her classes without getting wet and having a blast with her friends. When you speak to her and get to know her more, you also may realize that this third year student is really a realistic, sensible, and dedicated young woman. With her great personality and down-to-earth attitude she works very hard to get a good education and reach her dreams.

When she was just five years old she played volleyball and at the age of 11 she had the opportunity to travel and meet with volleyball players from teams of the United States, where she put into practice her English. She then stopped playing volleyball when she enrolled in the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez in 2010 to study a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. A year later she saw that civil engineering wasn’t her calling and changed to a degree in psychology.

She really likes to help other people and loves what she is studying; therefore, she plans to stay in Puerto Rico and work here with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology after she graduates.

“My goal is to become a psychologist and keep studying so I can have a Master’s in Speech Pathology and help the people of our society.”

Patricia has always had the urge to listen to the people that surround her and help them. That’s what motivated her to study psychology and, with the support of her family, she is working hard to get her degree.


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