English Languag…

English Language for the Future

                At age 12 Brian’s family moved to Florida because his father was offered a good paying job there. That really wasn’t what he wanted but he had no other choice only to go and leave his friends and island behind. The trouble that he went through making new friends affected him, in time he made friends that made him happy while he lived there and he really started to like Florida.

Brian was raised in Villalba, a small town in the center of Puerto Rico. He has always been a smart student, especially in English classes where he spoken the English language fluidly since a young boy. He learned it from watching cartoons and educational shows in English.

A Sunday in the park Brian was playing baseball with a couple of his new friends. He notice a kid playing by himself; he looked really sad and lonely just like Brian felt when he got to Florida he went up to him and asked him his name. The boy didn’t speak English only, Spanish. So Brian talked to him in Spanish and the boy was surprised. Brian translated what the boy said to his other friends so he could play with them, which made Brian felt really good.

Brian with his friend Fabiola from Florida. Meeting her made him like it there a lot more.

Brian is going back to Puerto Rico the next year. He is currently studying computer engineering in University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus. He feels really comfortable back in his island with his family and old friends, and has taken various English courses where he talks English to everyone there because he really enjoys it.

He plans on finishing his studies soon. Although he likes it here in Puerto Rico, he plans to go back to Florida after graduation to secure a better job. He also plans to have a family, and will try to teach his son English and Spanish because he knows how much being bilingual helps in this world.

“Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE “

Brian has big plans ahead of him. He is prepared for what the future has in store for him.


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