The Beginning of a journey

Gregg Y. Malavé

 As a boy Hector found English to be interesting, but like for most public school students in Puerto Rico learning the language wasn’t easy or fun. After winning several spelling bee and grammar competitions the language really grew on him; even more when he traveled to the states for a robotics competition when he was 11.

When Hector was 10 years old his dad passes away. Growing up with only his mom and little brother and living in a middle class family, he developed a likeness for books, which paid off in the end once he entered the UPR of Mayaguez and had such good grades.

While here in the Campus his English skill have been developing thanks to such great intermediate English professors and their work. He was accepted to the Industrial Engineering program which has been a great experience so far for him

He was born and raised in Caguas, Puerto Rico where he lost his father. When he was in high school he traveled to the robotic competition; where his desired to learn English grew. Finally he was admitted to Colegio (UPRM).

Even though Hector loves the place where he was born, he says his plans are to finish his bachelor degree and move away.

“My personal goal is to become a great industrial engineer then, using my knowledge and skills, I would be able to help other people through the services of my company and feel proud of myself because of doing a great job helping the community.”

A volleyball standing still after a big match. Hector likeness for this game also symbolizes how he can stand still after big match and how he stands tall.

Here we see the beginning of a new journey in Hectors life. This photo was taken in the first week of freshman orientation after he was admitted to study in UPRM, Colegio de Mayaguez in 2011.


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