Not an Easy Life

When Juan Kuang was 2 years old he moved from Puerto Rico to the United States because of his father’s job. He had a hard time with the move and did not make friends fast because he did not speak English.

While in the United States Juan moved from state to state until 6th grade, by this time he was already fully bilingual and even spoke English better than Spanish.

When looking at Juan you can see a very normal guy in his jeans and t-shirt, but you can notice just at looking at him he is a really smart person because his eyes express focus and determination in what he is doing. When talking to him you realize he is more serious and responsible than much of the other guys at college.

Juan came back to Puerto Rico when he was in 6th grade. After graduating from high school at Ponce he started studying Political Science at the Catholic University in Ponce. Later on he discovered his passion for English and changed to an English major. He is still studying English but now at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus.

He plans to continue studying after graduating until completing a Ph.D in English. After finishing his studies he is not sure whether he’d stay in Puerto Rico or go live in the United States.

“The greatest certainty that I have come to know in my life, is that I have both the aptitude and the enthusiasm to learn as much from language as it can teach me, so that I, in turn, may do the same for others.”   – Juan Kuang



T.V. helped Juan with learning English when living in the United States. He became perfectly fluent by age 4.



English has become a passion for Juan. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in English and plans to continue studying until completing a Ph.D.



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