From Slices to Stabilizers

By: Juan C. Kuang

As a young boy, Jonathan Santiago always had great admiration for his father’s livelihood. An accomplished pizza chef in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, Jonathan’s boyhood vision had been to follow in his father’s footsteps in the culinary arts, eventually succeeding him as owner of the family restaurant.

Born in 1993, he lived in his hometown for the entirety of his young life, with his parents and younger sister, until graduating from the bilingual Dorado Academy. His father, having his son’s best interests in mind, encouraged him to continue his studies at a university, and he

Jonathan has come quite far from home to pursue his studies. However, he continues to visit his family regularly.

enrolled in the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez to study mechanical engineering.

The first quality you might notice about Jonathan after you sit down and talk to him is his quiet intensity. Some might mistake it for seriousness, but he projects a certain openness that makes one realize he is comfortable talking about himself. Like many university students, he has interests outside of his studies; he has a creative side and is pursuing art classes within his curriculum.

When he enrolled at the Colegio in 2011, Jonathan joined up with the local AFROTC program, having been inspired by a family member in the Armed Forces, and has been studying up until today. Despite such an ambitious schedule, however, he still finds time to go to his part time job on the weekends: working the storefront at the family pizzeria.

Jonathan is confident that mechanical engineering is in his future. He plans to graduate, work towards a master’s degree, then pursue a career in aviation in the United States.

GE Aviation is a world leader in aviation technology. It is among Jonathan’s many potential options for employment after completing his studies.

“My biggest dream is reaching NASA. Someday I wish to really help society with technology, making life better for future generations.”


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