The Kid Behind the Mask

By: Adam Alvarez

When Adam Álvarez was 4 years old, his abilities to make pieces of art protruded overall. Soon after, he turned into the youngest artisan in Puerto Rico, appearing in newspapers and videos alike. Adam grew up in Cabo Rojo in a nice place called Llanos Tuna in Boqueron, and his father kept him in private schools until graduation.

The kid who once dressed up as a vegigante was now walking in the UPRM on his first year of college.

He found himself in a very different place from where he had been and seemed to be lost at every turn, but nonetheless, his spirit of adventure always helped him overcome the situations. Though his grades in Chemistry didn’t go so well, he never gave up and kept on pushing forward.

In 2011, Adam met the love of his life to whom he is now engaged , and even if the marriage won’t be soon, he hopes it will come. A year later, Adam was now a sophomore and kept his relationship flourishing, but everything got more and more difficult.

Even though nothing is for sure in Adam’s life,”I just hope to be happy, find a job, and have a calm life. My dream is to find true prosperity, and to have a peaceful life with my family, my friends, and myself, as I draw and cherish my artistic work.”


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