IIE Success Tour

By: Héctor A. Ramos Pedraza

On September 23 the Puerto Rico chapters of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) attended an educational and social activity, better known as “Mega Junte”, with the engineering faculty of the Colegio de Ingenieros y Agrimensores de Puerto Rico (CIAPR) to receive orientation about the industrial engineer license, inform the progress of each group since last year, announce future plans and socialize with students from the other chapters at the Fraternity Casa Capitular in Caguas.

Chapters from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez, Interamerican University in Bayamón, University of Turabo in Caguas, and Polytechnic University in Ponce attended this instructive activity in order to improve their industrial engineering skills of management and development.

Although the CIAPR is located in San Juan, the four chapters’ directives keep in contact with Engineer José Duprey, president of the main IIE chapter, to stay informed about the latest local and international activities prepared for the industrial engineers so they can inform the in memberships. Every year, this activity takes place in the same location, but they include new and different attractions for the joy and comfort of the participants.

According to Duprey, the benefits of becoming an IIE member and the importance of obtaining the industrial engineer official license after the bachelor’s degree is because “industrial engineers are necessary everywhere, but the companies are looking for licensed engineers to represent them.”

He added that there are many engineers who work without the license; nonetheless, those who have the certification get more economic and international benefits in the workplace such as full financial support for their projects, and a higher salary.

Moreover, the IIE from the UPR- Mayagüez, left a great impression at the activity with all their accomplishments in the last year, including receiving  a Professional Award in the IIE Annual Conference for their very well structured association and management while coordinating different activities for the benefit of the Industrial Engineering Department of their campus.

Their goal is to support the industrial engineering students from the UPRM, get them involved with improving quality and productivity, and providing leadership for the education, research, and development of their careers. The UPRM chapter, as part of its successful progress, had a reasonable increment of 35 new memberships this semester for a total of 81 members, who heard about the excellence of this association, making them the organization with the most active participants.

Focusing back on the event, apart from the academic aspects, there were other recreational activities such as karaoke, pool, volleyball and basketball mixed teams, billiards, cards, and pacific games such as monopoly, taboo, guess who, and dominoes.

“In contrast with the past activities, this one has been more dynamic because there are more activities to choose and more IIE members to spend some time with, sharing different ideas to improve our chapter,” said María Ortega, president of the UPRM IIE Chapter.

Members from all the IIE chapters thanked the faculty of the CIAPR for preparing an exceptional activity for future industrial engineers so they can be aware of what is happening with this profession around the globe.

In addition, Engineer José Duprey said was impressed by the student chapters, “I want you all to keep it that way and expect the same for the next year,” he said at the end of the “Mega Junte.”

UPRM IIE Chapter at the “Mega Junte” in Caguas on September 23, 2012. They left a great impression with their charisma and fraternization.


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