Another Victory For the University of Puerto Rico

By: Noshkah N. Hernández


Nelson Ramos Rodriguez at last Tuesday’s game; Tarzans made five consecutive runs and since that inning they lead the game to its finish.

Tuesday, September 18th, the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez (UPRM) baseball team played its fifth game of the season against the University of Puerto Rico-Aguadilla (also known as CORA) and won with a 9-4 score. The game started around 3:00 p.m. and took place at El Maní baseball field in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

“It was a decisive game,” said Glenn Cordero Cabán, a 18 year old and member of the UPRM baseball team.

Since the UPRM baseball team had lost all its games of its regular season except one, it had to win last Tuesday’s game or risk being eliminated from the series. Therefore, and according to Cordero Cabán, the team practiced more than usual including every weekend available on schedule to be prepared for it.

Already confident for the game, Tarzans arrived in the field an hour prior to the game and as soon as they arrived they began  to warm up.  As part of their ritual, minutes before the action in the field began, the team prayed for help in the game and for the prevention of any injuries.  “Who let the dogs out!” shouted the team as the game started.

The UPRM crowd cheered Tarzans but several minutes after the game started, CORA went ahead with 2-0 in its favor at the first inning.  Furthermore, Tarzan’s luck improved in the second inning when the UPRM baseball team went ahead with a 5-2 score. 

UPRM team-members and fans were tense at the beginning, but in the third inning the game reached its climax when Tarzans made five consecutive runs, after that inning they lead the game to its finish.

“It was a spectacular and definitely an intense game,” said Cordero Cabán at the end of the game. After last Tuesday’s thrilling victory, UPRM Tarzans positioned themselves at fourth place. “This game was very important because with it we gained a spot in the next series,” said Nelson Ramos Rodríguez, a 19 year old player and captain of the UPRM baseball team.

Unlike Tuesday’s game, and according to Ramos Rodríguez, the most difficult game for the team was last year’s final of the season when UPRM Tarzans weren’t enough motivated for it.   

Due to the poor winning record last year’s season, Tarzans knew they wouldn’t enter the finals either way.   Ramos Rodríguez explained that for this reason the team didn’t care if it won or lost.

“It was a bad game for us because no one in the team was motivated to play,” said Ramos Rodríguez.

The troublesome game that the team played was against the Catholic University-Ponce (also known as La Católica) and it ended with a scoreboard of 13-1 in favor of La Católica; Tarzans finished last year’s series with two winnings and five lost games.

 “We don’t always win and we also have to be ready for defeats,” were the words that the baseball coach Felix Vega said to cheer up the team.  Ramos Rodríguez also mentioned that the coach Felix Vega motivated the team to work harder for this year’s season and that with some arduous practices done it looks like it is getting results.

Cordero Cabán and Ramos Rodríguez invites the University community to keep on track of the team’s position at the series and to attend their sixth game at the University of Puerto Rico-Utuado on next Friday September 21, 2012.



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