Is Dominion the Right Company for You?

October 4, 2012

Carlos Torres


Student in the engineering department

A seminar given by Dominion on internships and scholarships on September 26 at Stephanie 320 in the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez campus.

The seminar started with Fernando Orden and David Perez, promoting the Dominion’s Diversity Scholarship program with a power point presentation. The scholarship offers an automatic internship, which is renewable and same benefits, with them at Richmond Virginia. Interns from the summer 2012 volunteered to talk about the benefits of the program and explain why it is really renewable. They later informed the people how to apply in the website and the deadline, October 31, 2012, was important because they don’t review under any circumstances late entries. They finished with a video called “The Greater Richmond Virginia” promoting the good living of Richmond.

Then the speakers started to talk about themselves, First Fernando Orden introduced himself by saying he is an electrical engineer  at the Virginia Power facility, then David Perez said he also was an electrical engineer but he was from the Generation facilities.  The Virginia Power works with: electric transmission, distribution and unregulated retail marketing. The Generation works with: nuclear, fossil, hydro, biomass and wind.

Later Orden explained more about the actual company. “Dominion is one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy with a portfolio of approximately 28,200 mega watts”.   He said it is ranked number 187 the Fortune 500 and employees 15,820 people. It has had many awards like 2008 Business Week’s Best Places to Launch Your Career. They are developing with Six Sigma, training and developing program which is used by many fortune 500 companies.  The development of Six Sigma by Dominion is a huge step into the future for better companies and therefore creating more jobs.

The intern, Samantha, who is applying for another year of this scholarship studied chemical engineering said, “It is the best experience I have had with any company”.  The intern, Carlos, who studied mechanical engineering said, “It is a good environment to work in”.  They both explained that you did not need too much experience to advance political wise.

Afterwards Perez explained how to apply on the online website and the requirements needed. The first process is meeting the requirement which almost everyone accomplishes that one, but the second process which is writing an essay in English which causes problems for the students.

At the end of the seminar they presented a video showing the pros and cons of Richomnd. The video stated that Richmond had easy acces to major cities and the capitol. They also have a National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) track. They stated that Richond was a nice outdoor climate and had no unexpected weather. In the area of Richmond there are many colleges and plenty of historic sites.

After the ended Perez stated,” It is a perfect work environment where everyone works together instead of making it a contest “. He also said that he loves the job because he is working on what he actually studied for and loves to do, which is working with batteries and the systems that support them. He also stated that he loves working for dominioin because it helps to save the planet by creating less pollution and better energy.

Interested in offering internships and scholarships to Univerity of Puerto Rico Mayaguez campus students.


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